Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ballif, whack his pee pee,,,

Today I have both good news, bad news, more good news, and more bad. What you want first?
OK, the bad news first.
Our little scheme we have been using to deter any potential property buyers from thinking they would just love to live next door to us, may have backfired.
All this time, when one would show up, Black Sabbath got cranked to 11, I got nekked to 0, and Mrs. Barn would get her Tourettes all fired up.
Seemed to be working.
But now the SOLD SIGN is back up. Possibly someone took a look at the neighbors lifestyle and said “Oh hell yea, I could live here!”
But it must be ‘sold’ with conditions as they are still showing it occasionally. We shall see.

First bit of good news,, one of the members of the MBBC finaly had his day in court.

You can read all about his exploits in the comment section of the last blog. And the part about ‘fine upstanding citizen’ is up for debate!

Next bad news,
I got my carport re-shingled.
I feel I paid too much and have seen better work.
Live and learn.

Good news,
Time for a camera upgrade!
Yep, Mrs. Barn is wanting a DSLR, she is being a bit limited with her point-n-shoot right now.
So, the logical thing to do is give her my trusty but not rusty D100.

This way we can fight over she can take advantage of my Nikkor lens and all the strobes.
Then,, I update to the D300s. makes perfect sense right?
But I have to act fast as I have now learned they have discontinued the D300s so supplies won’t last forever.
So right back into the full power savings mode I go.
Won’t be seeing me out and about much for awhile.

None today! Tomorrow, twice as much!


Jay said...

D300S discontinued? And you passed a drug test? Good thing they didn't give it to you today cuz I think you're up in the night. Production of the 300 ceased not too long ago, but the 300S, being the flagship of the DX line, is almost certainly safe until a replacement model is well established. You're still free to spend at least a little of your beer money on beer.

RPM said...

Sigh, my secret dream of becoming your "Kramer" is being dashed.

sandy a said...

if u want anything, Phil is coming down with a load of cars coming next month. PM me on FB