Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Another Valentine's day gone,,,,

Hey, didja notice that Valentine’s day was a few days ago?
Some food specials were being had at the MBH, Danube, and some others and folks took advantage of that fer sure!
Us? We did the thing we most like to do. Hang out together.

And on this day we did it on the DoubleWide over beers and some rum.
I know, knock you over with a feather, right?
Well we just like to do that. I feel we are lucky to be such good friends, and we have not killed each other dead,,, yet.
There was the Sidewalk Arts Festival in the village last weekend and Mrs. Barn got herself a spankin new set of handmade ear rings.

A guy we know in Cayo has a glass blowing shop and he makes some really cool stuff. You may remember the hummingbird feeder he sent me awhile back.

So that was her Valentine’s day gift.
Me? I’m still waiting for mine.

The first thing I think when I can’t find my wallet is, “Great, now how am I going to buy beer?"

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Anonymous said...

Yer a lucky man Barn....