Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Updates and shit,,,,,

Got a few new thingys for ya. Updates and whatnots.
Lets start in the village first.
Dawn, from Dawn’s Grill-n-Go pulled me aside yesterday and informed me that my favorite roadside eatery now sells beer! So as you are enjoying that most excellent burrito or fajita, she will set you up with a cold beer and a smile. What could be better? And don’t forget to grab a few bottles of her hotsauce!!

Business here in da Breach has been good for most everyone it seems. Doris at the Gecko/V.I.P. Lounge has had quite a busy last couple weeks. Yesterday everyone who owns a bar had to go to Independence to get their liquor license and I believe she got her rum permit. Don’t know for a fact but I do know she wanted to so I assume she did. All of our guests in the past few weeks have really enjoyed the place.
I for one am glad to see Santos and Doris doing well.

Spent a few beers at Mango’s the other day and while we were the only 2 in there, Jose tells us they have been busy as well. Good for them as well!

And another new item you can see all over da Breach are the new trash cans. It looks like they are all near each public beach access including the one a certain person believes she owns!
We all have Albert to thank for this. He built the things and installed them to boot. I still don’t know who is going to empty them. Will it be our guy Dob? Or does Albert have another plan. Will find out soon.

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself. And forced sodomy, which is probably even worse.


Anonymous said...

Car 714 where are you... dude like I ....whatever.

Anonymous said...

Ya I saw the trash can there. Just wonder how long it will be before Albert has Immigration, Social Security and the Police at his place checking into his business from a phone call. He'll be the next.

714's aaaaa the good ole days.

Brian said...

Ludes now instead of Belikin? lol