Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Dead on hole in one,,,

Well here’s some shit for ya.
For some reason, Placencia has been attracting celerity’s lately.
You saw my post a while back about Charlie Sheen haunting the hood (never stopped here the prick), then last week or so Kevin Bacon was in town.
Now today the drummer for the Grateful Dead shows up!
Bill Kreutzmann.

I was never a big Dead-Head,, got a few albums but never got the bug like so many others did. For me it was the Rolling Stones! Yea Baby! That's rock and roll!

Then on top of all that,, last week we had a guest stay here who’s name was,, Five Seventeen.
Yep,, even on his credit card!
I shit you not.
Personally,, I would be excited if either of my two hero’s showed up, Al Bundy or Clint Eastwood. OK,, PeeWee Herman too.

Update on the Scurvster: he is still in lockdown. He is soooo close to being a free range dog again, but he keeps scratching open his wound and we don’t want him laying around in the sand with an open area. Maybe a few more days.
One thing of note, I have never seen him take a shit. Don’t know if he does. I let him out around 6 A.M. he takes off to points unseen, and comes back around 8-ish, then he just lies around the casa all day.
But during all this we have taken him out 3 times a day on a lease to do his bidness. And I can confirm he does shit.
But here’s the cool part,,, I watched him circle up onto a choice spot and hunch over like they do, and pinch out a few grumpy’s. Turns out, he got a ‘hole in one’! He saddled up right over a crab hole and dropped more than one turd straight down the hole!
It was a very proud moment for me,, I kinda choked up for a second.
That’s my boy.

Check this out,, remember a while back I was gushing over a new camera strap of all things? Sure it’s a very cool addition to anyones camera arsenal and I love it.
But then I entered a give-away contest from the manufacture for the latest upgraded strap and guess what? I fuckin won!
No shit,, I never win anything but I won this. It took about 4 weeks to get here but gotdammit I won!

Mrs. Barn inherited the strap I bought and we are both happy shooters now!

The real trouble with reality is that there's no background music.


Anonymous said...

So Scurvy is a Sharpshoooter..or very accurate bombardier....

sandy a said...

could five seventeen have had something to do with this?

PS Glad Scurvy is just about healed

Barnacle said...

no,,, not a chance,,,

DriveGoddess said...

Oh bill you made my day!!!!! and good on Scurvy!

Anonymous said...

Well that's cool about the Stars. Cooler even with the Scurvster pulling off a whole in one. But some how I think he's done that before. I bet Ray has been teaching him that one for reason's unknown.

BUT!!!!! ( and i'm sorry but you need some advice here ) When you win something better then you have and you give the Mrs's (boss) the old (not the Mrs's) one (the strap), Barn, Barn, Barn. You should always give the Mrs's the New one.

Brian said...

Maybe this is the guy 5 17?