Saturday, January 8, 2011

Car 54 where are you,,,,?

I didn’t hear enough more about the alleged strangling to post further. Just the same drunk shit I guess.
And I hear the MBBC member who went to court had his date postponed till next month.
And speaking of cops and laws,, the Belize cops here all lined up to take whatever exam they were in line for promotion wise.
Get this,, of the 470 candidates who took the tests, 39 passed!
8%. Wholly shit,, that’s bad.
And I can’t help but wonder if they could cheat off each other like they do in any other test I have seen take place.

Update on Scurvy: he is done with bed rest and has 2 more days of light duty before he can get his life back. He has been seriously pouting the last couple days. He wants to go make the rounds and see his buddies. His lump is all gone and his Frankenstein scar is looking better.

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A little plug for the products.
I cannot eat just plain chocolate, it has to have something in it, nuts, rice crispy, something. But Mrs. Barn can and does! She is literally addicted to the dark chocolate bars. Not me.
Now the yogurt I can eat. The vanilla is the best and I am reliably told there is about a shot of rum per pint!
We have taken to blending up some smoothies in the mornings. A nice way to get those fruits down your beer hole.
2 bananas, a big hunk of papaya, a few big globs of vanilla ‘gurt, a squirt of honey, a splash of whatever juice is in the beer cooler and hit the ‘liquefy’ button.
Not bad,, probably won’t kill me either.

Jesus is watching you,, spank your monkey.


DriveGoddess said...

I am smiling at your words, as usual.....

Anonymous said...

Brother Bill,

Was up to Belmopan Friday and want to update all your readers who are interested in getting the pooper cleaner stuff to clean out their intestines, colons, and other inards.

You can buy Super Colon Cleanser in the pill form or powder form at the Herbal and natural food store in the Atlantic Bank plaza.

I bought the pill form in a container for $39.00 BZ which has around 150 tablets. I'll update you in a few weeks and let you know how the stuff works.

Carole said...


I just had my annual screening colonoscopy and If I didn't think I owed it to my family to get it done, I'd never have a colon cleaning again, ever. I say that every five years.