Sunday, January 16, 2011

Oh nurse,, can we get a bed pan over here? EDITED.

We had a small setback in Scurvy’s recovery. By small I mean about a pint.
He had been doing good, recovering just fine so we/I made the mistake of letting him do a bit of swimming.
Turns out that may be what caused an abscess to show up last Friday night. Abscess, a pocket of pus caused by an infection.
Anyway, by Saturday it was clear he was feeling pretty miserable. He had a water balloon about the size of a tennis ball in his armpit! He was no liking it one bit.
So, Dr. Babtist from Roaring Creek who did his ‘lump-ectomy’ agreed to see him today, Sunday.
Off we go to R.C at the buttcrack of dawn with our very sad looking friend hunkered down in the back seat.
The good Doctor confirmed it was an abscess and did just what we hoped he would do.
First he gave Scurvy some of them kick-ass drugs he has, successfully knocking him out.
Then he drained the goo from the balloon.
He poked a needle in it and let it rip!

The goo was under pressure and came squirting outa there in a steady stream for about 5 minutes! KNARLY!
By the way,, how does one spell 'pussie discharge'?
There was even some air trapped in it so a few times it actually farted. A wet fart sound,, kinda like after a 2 day beer bender with no food,, you know the ones.
I swear you could almost see the relieve on his face, cept he was zonked to the world.
The Dr. left a small slit so it could keep draining if need be and it has been ozzing somewhat ever since.
Every time he visits this Dr. he looses weight?
I am sitting here watching him come out from the drugs and I hope to see a very happy face and a wagging fool!

I promised photos of the surgery so here they are.
Bon appetite ya’ll.

Edit: I forgot to mention how I thought that 2.5 LB glob of fat would have been perfect to flavor up a big 'ol pot of beans!

ob/gyn kenobi,,Use the Force Luke... no wait, I meant the forceps... now the Force... and now back to the forceps. Good. Go wash up.


sandy a. said...

the pics are nasty, but I sure do hope he is on the mend permenantly now! Give him a hug and a scritch for me!

Anonymous said...

Truly nasty!
but we are all hoping for Scurvy's full recovery...

RPM said...

Poor fella musta been in quite a bit of pain with that abcess.

I grew up on a cattle ranch and one year a few head got worms that formed giant abscesses. I had to open them with a pocket knife and drain the puss. Even with precautions (a handkerchief mask) I got more than I bargained for quite a few times.

Hang in there Scurvy!

DriveGoddess said...

oH poor Scurvy......what love you have for him.....

Anonymous said...

Brother Bill,

You are one sick puppy, sicker than Scurvy.

I told you before that the best part of you ran down Mom's leg.

But keep up the good work. Someone has to do it in the Breach.

Echoes said...

That is one sick but funny (beer fart comment)post. Could have done without the photo's. Hope all goes well and he is up running around very soon.