Saturday, January 1, 2011

Anyone need 2.5 lbs of fat?

Shit. Once again the ultra sensitive, highly trained security force here at ‘Chez Barnacle has been compromised.
Yep, my Master at Arms is doing some recovery after surgery.
He went on a diet plan I hope I never have to try. It’s called, Lipoma. A fatty clump of, well,, fat began to grow under his arm and it had to be dealt with so as to keep him as happy as he can be.
I dropped him at the vet in Roaring Creek and we knocked him out. (Scurvy not the vet) then the vet sliced him a peek hole to see what was in there and made the decision on the Lipoma. We decided to go ahead and remove it.
So I left my little buddy there in his capable hands and came on back home.
I did a bit of google searching to see what this was and found this helpful site. Sounds fairly common and not life threatening, more of a nuisance I guess. Poor little guy was starting to walk bowlegged cause of that lump.
So as you can imagine we missed the hell outa him that night.
We got up early and went to bust him outa there. Got there and when we walked in we were met by the vet and we chatted about his surgery. Soon Scurvy heard our voices and started crying. He wanted to go home! We heard the details from the vet of how long the surgery was, how big the fatty was, and that he was doing fine all night. Paid our bill, got a prescription for antibiotics and loaded him into the truck. That’s when he quit crying, and began smiling!
Surgery took almost 3 hours,, the lump was 1 kilo, or 2.5 lbs! the vet was proud, his biggest yet! The vet also took some photos and said he would send them to me but they have not made it here yet. We saw them tho, they litterly skinned him!
Carved off this big chunk of gross shit, then sewed him back up ala Frankenstein! Check out this KNARLY stitch job!!!


So when the photos of the actual Lump-ectomy come in,, here is a site you can look at. He is lounging around and will be for ten days. Doc says he will be fine! Check out these photos!

The Farmer's Best Friend, next to a sheep and a tall wheat field.


sandy a. said...

glad he is OK!

Carole said...

I figgered.

DriveGoddess said...

So happy to hear your buddy is okay Bill!

Anonymous said...

Bear& I are relieved to hear that Scurvy is OK. Good News!