Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Pricks and Tamales,,,

Hey guess what? It’s 2011. But I suppose you already knew that huh.

Update on my Master at Arms. He is improving each day. It must itch him like crazy and he has a tendency to scratch and lick, cause that’s all he can do. He managed to pop one stitch and was leaking a bit but that seems to be better now.
One more week,,,

Update on my last flight to Denver.
I have always heard that if you have to make an emergency reservation due to a family member’s death, the airlines would cut you a break for ‘bereavement’, but never had any firsthand experience,,, till now.
When my dad died awhile back I had to make a res for the next day. The flights usually cost around $570-680 or so when I book well in advance. But this emergency cost me 840! BASTARDS!!
I ask the nice lady about their ‘bereavement’ policy and she says first it is now called ‘compassion’. First she charged our card the $840. Then she set it all up so that when I get to the counter in Denver I can show the nice lady there a death certificate/and or newspaper notice and she will take care of me.
And so I do.
But,, the nice lady in Denver tells me she can do nothing. All she can do is give me some paperwork to mail in to get a ‘rebate’.
OK,, I get home and Mrs. Barn mails all the shit to some place in Houston.
Yesterday we get an email telling us we have a credit on our next flight. How much you ask?
Yep,, a whopping 24 stinking dollars. Fuck,, I spend more than that on beer in the airport!!! Pricks.

Tamale day here at ‘Chez Barnacle.

These little jewels will feed us for a few meals. And I will probably give some out at the bar.
I like tamales!
I tie the little thingy around mine so they stay together better.

Over at FaceBook, I found the Pope. Yessir, that Pope. I checked his profile and found out I have more friends than him.
Take that you weirdo in a hat!
So I go on to make him my friend. I have not gotten a reply back? Any ideas?
And while I was searching on weirdo’s I did a search for Bristol Palin. Her fuckin mom won’t make me a friend so I thought I should try the daughter.
I never did find her personal account because I got tired of scrolling thru all the “Bristol sucks, Bristol can’t dance, Bristol is hot, Bristol is a skank, Bristol is a retard, I’d fuck Bristol”, and on and on and on,,,,
So, no new friends for me.
I was going to add a photo of Bristol but I believe she is a skanky fucktard, so no.
Instead,,,,, hows bout a slightly different view of cooking tamales?

I’d go on the wagon, but I can’t find one with a bar.


Anonymous said...

Belizean Tamales usually contain bones...do yours? a friend once opened up a tamale he purchased from a vendor at a bar...and it contained a chicken foot!!!

Barnacle said...

no,, no chicken femurs in my pork tamales. i use a pork roast.

Bill and Debra said...

We got Belizean tamales in San Pedro and ours had bones in them as well...we did not eat them and gave them away to some backpackers at our Inn and warned them about the bones. Yuck. Your tamales sound so much better Barn.


DriveGoddess said...

Barn I sure love your discourse on Bristol.....made me smile. As well I have fond memories of tamale times with Gloria from Succotz over at Darwin FArm.....she used the banana leaves....wow.

Anonymous said...

We bought some Tamale's on the Hummingbird one day coming home from Belmopan at one of the "Humps". The one with the orange house on the right coming back. By the time we got to the Gas Station just outside of Dangriga, It cost us time and a half to use the bathroom. Thank goodness we hit it inbetween rush hour.

Like the cooking program though. Nice oven. Where do I sign up??