Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I tell ya,, camera's attract babes! (like I would know,,,)

Busy day today.
Not only did I cook a big ‘ole mess of flour tortillas, but I also did all my other duties.
Then,, just as Mrs. Barn was going off to bowling, I began cooking again. Eggrolls this time. Man-oh-man they are good!
But, I only saw her eat 3 before I left for a session at the V.I.P. Lounge.
It never changes there but you know what, I like it. The Mental Breach drinking club,, it has always been entertaining and tonight was no exception. Always good for some laughs.

Bad news tho,,, tomorrow me and Scurvy have to go to the vet.
His lump is not going anywhere and we cannot let it go.
So off we go,, wish us luck!

And when I am gone,, here is how my camera gear stays safe.
Me and Pelican Cases are good buds. These things are indestructible, weatherproof, and just the cat’s ass for storing shit in bad climes, like Belize. I also have at least 2 desiccant packs in each one to help control the moister.

This all came about a few years ago. I don’t know if I ever blogged about this but if so,, sorry, here it is again.
We came here in ’98 and I brought all my film camera stuff with me, a Nikon N90, with a few lens and strobes ect.
I found out what I was up against with film, lack of fresh film, shoddy development process, ect, and I got discouraged. I stuffed all my gear in the bag and put it on the shelf.
Years later,,, I heard there was a digital body available from Nikon that would accept all my lens and accessories!

I didn’t know,, I had no internet or access to any info.
Well,, shit. We found a buyer for my N90 and orded up a D100. Shipped it to Mrs. Barn’s moms house and she was to pick it up in a few weeks when she visited.

I decided to clean up my lens while i was waiting.

And that’s where things when to shit,,,,,,

My lens had mold growing in places I could not reach!
Once I quit crying, I found an authorize Nikon repair facility in AZ who would fix them.
I sent them to AZ and had them repaired for less than it would have cost to replace.
These lens are over 20 years old, and have been rebuilt and they are still giving excellent results!

So,, from that point on, everything electronic that we give a fuck about, lives in Pelican cases.

EDIT: That pile of cases does not include the umbrella and light stand bag,,,

AND,,, they are all chained to the floor because I know it’s just a matter of time before some asshole tries to take my shit.
He best hope he tries before I get my weapons permit (in progress).

Should be some new shit from NY eve partys!

I know violence isn't the answer. I got it wrong on purpose.


RPM said...

I thought cameras attracted boobies!

Anonymous said...

From today's NY Times:

Carole said...

Luck for Scurv.