Thursday, December 9, 2010

What could possibly go wrong,,,,?

Fire up the way back machine.
Look at the beauties I came across in mom’s house.

A bit of history here.
My first ever SLR was a Minolta 201 (I think), I sold it in Korea and bought a Canon AE1 Program.
And there it is!

I received the Fujica as a xmas gift and used it for the next few years. Loved it! A great totally manual camera.

I sold it to my sister who gave it to her husband and I used the money to buy my Nikon FE. I have been Nikon ever since.
There was a nasty divorce and somehow the Fuji ended up back here?
The Miranda belonged to an uncle of mine. It somehow ended up here as well.

It is a trip back in time to remember using these cameras. The Canon was, and still is a excellent machine.
Back in the day, the learning curve was a bit steep for me considering film costs and processing fees. I could not really afford to do that much experimenting/learning.
But now, knowing what I do from shooting digital for a few years now, I could make the same photos I have been doing using any of these cameras. I learned more in the last 10 years than I ever did shooting film for 20 years!
Just processing these photos was fun. Adjusting white balance, tone, sharpness, exposure, never done that back then.
I have a soft spot in my gut for the old days but it goes away REAL quick! DIGITAL ROCKS!!

OK,, nuff bout that shit,,,

Guess what I got? Give up?
I got a bootleg Viagra pill from Guatland!

And,,,,, I am going to give it a whirl.
Note the new poll at the top of the blog and feel free to chime in.
I know I know,, how could this accident have been avoided.
Well,,I am only doing this for the sake of blog material. No, really.

I am destined for greatness,, I’m just pacing myself.


Anonymous said...

I had a Cannon AE 1. Lost that in Hurricane Andrew in Homestead. Lost just about everything else as well. But the Macro Zoom lens was a 55 to 200 lens. Then I bought a 2X multiplier. Man I wish I had that again. But Digital this time. Sure save's a lot of money and time. I miss the ole Cannon. But I still have the memory's.
As for the Blue Pill? Remember, If it last for more then 4 hours, Well don't let the women know in Mental Breach. Or any women on the peninsula for that matter.
Although I don't think the Mrs's will let you out if that happens.\

Anonymous said...

Yo Barn,

A real trip down Memory Lane. Mine first was an Argus C3 (I believe), going to a Nikon-FM and then to and FE. Bought a Canon Rebel Ti digital for the wife and she blows me out of the water with her pics. Also did color printing of up to 4X5 slides on Cibachrome with a dichroic head enlarger. Those were the days. The Cibas still have not faded after 25 years, unlike their Printer.

Suggest you take a look at for info about pills and their effects. Go to Pills "A to Z" and then select V and read on.

Now regarding your experiment, if you decide to go ahead with this, and you are still experiencing the effects of the pill after 4 hours, go immediately to the clinic in Placencia for medical treatment, and then call your friends and brag about it!

sandy a. said...

when the cabins a-rockin' don't come a-knockin'!!!!
One of our friends said that even half a pill will do the job.....if in fact that is actually what it is supposed to be.....

ChrisandBrenda said...

I think you can also get Viagra or some equivalent pill without a prescription at the little kiosk in the Belize airport. Ms. Brenda also told me that they have over the counter prescription pain meds too, so don't forget to stop by on your way home next time! Only in Belize....

Any news on Mango's? Are they open again?

10 days and counting until we're there, can't wait to escape the 30 and 40 degree nights we've been having in Florida, brrrrr...

Wilma said...

Those cameras sure do bring back memories. Started with a minolta 101 (ex wound up with it), then a 201 or is that a 102? hmm, can't remember that far back. used to develop my own b&w negatives and prints and also developed some slide film (E6 process). I think I am a better digital photographer because of what I learned, the hard and expensive way and I bet you are too. Am still aspiring to match your hummer and bat photos!


DriveGoddess said...

My son is using our retro cameras and having a blast....nice gear. I miss working with my, you could smack someone good with that if they got in your way of as to teh Viagra? I reserve comment.