Monday, December 13, 2010

Great food equals great shit-s! UPDATED

New haps goin on round here.
First and foremost,, MANGO’S IS RE-OPENING! Again.
Yep, wenesday at 1100 we get Mango’s back, this time it is our old friend Frank from Roberts Grove doing the honors. Frank is a long time veteran of the Mango’s scene. He has lurked in there for years. Now with the newly remolded kitchen and Frank’s chef talents, we should get some fine food out of there!
So with Mango’s, Maya Beach Hotel, Green Parrot, Jaguar Lanes samitches, and the Hungry Gecko we all have some great choices again!
Also,, there is something opening at the art gallery but I don’t have enough details to spread that rumor.

But take a look at what’s on the menu here at ‘Chez Barnacle’s all day long today!
Yep,, it’s time for me to travel down that rough road of colon cleansing. The difference this time is Mrs. Barn decided to travel with me.

Our first ‘meal’ this morning has all but made her sick, as she heads back to bed.
First thing you do is chug down a huge glass of shit that reminds me of mint flavored sawdust. And it’s a bit hard to gag down. Toss down a couple pills and there is you meal. No solid food till tomorrow morning!!
Do that 3 times as meals and Bob’s yer Uncle!
Then about tomorrow morning when we go to ‘drop the kids at the pool’, I imagine you will be able to hear her shriek at the site from wherever you are. Cause it is interesting to say the least. Remember how this stuff is suppose to scrape all the shit out of your pipes that gathers in all the nooks and cranny's, curves and bends. All that nasty shit that gets left behind. Well there ain't no way i want to carry all that around with me all day, uh uh.
Google 'colon cleans' and click on 'images',, I double-dog dare ya!

UPDATE: She is not sure she can gag down her noon meal of a sawdust milkshake?
Will she abandon me in this adventure? Or will she soldier on?
Check back,,,,,

People thought we were bored filming the Cupacabra birth,, let’s hear what they say now!

We went to the phlea market yesterday and did very well I might say. We sold a lot of photo cards and matted prints. Cool.

And just to shake things up a notch,, here is a short video including 2 of my four favorite things.
Photography and motocross. (the other 2 favs being beer and nekkid women, duh)
Some great still shots sprinkled throughout so watch till the end.


Anonymous said...


Steve Finnell said...
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DriveGoddess said...

Barn, as I gracefully age I am learning to appreciate regularity in its many facets. Keep soldiering on dude and may Missus Barn be successful in her mission too!

Anonymous said...

I did mine last year and had a friend do it with me. Well not with me, we went in at different times. But we now are known as the "BUTT BUDDIES" (she was a female ). All is well. Hope Mrs. Barn pass's through with flying colors.
Seems like either I'm reaching the age or everyone is just excited about having this done. Well maybe some are and other's are just smart and doing preventive maintenance.

sandy a. said...

Dang, y'all gonna be fightin' over the "head".