Saturday, December 25, 2010


Hey, we got another happy hour review for ya! Has anybody ever heard of a bad happy hour? Didn’t think so.
Last night we met friends at DANUBE in Siene Bight for some drinks and cheer.
If you are not familiar with Danube, it is an Austrian restaurant run by Herb and Sim, a great couple of folks. (I hope they don’t mind that I have a habit of referring to them as ‘Peaches and Erb? Remember that old musical couple?)

We belly up around 4:30 when happy hour starts and order 2 beers and a couple of their sample starter plates, feta cheese, some spreads, and great bread!
Beers are normally $5bz but during happy hour there is a twist.
With each beer you get to roll the dice.
You get one ‘die’ and you toss it. Whatever you roll is what you pay. Roll a 1, beer is a dollar, roll a 4, beer is 4 dollars. Roll a 6 and beer is FREE! How cool is that!
We/I pounded back a bunch of beers and Sim figured out our average cost per beer at $1.90bz.
Their sample items are way good and the rest of the menu looks great!
The place is fantastic to lounge around in, music is great, and they are even dog friendly!
Scurvy may ruin that option one day tho.
So what we have here is another really fine place to visit, often! You won’t be sorry!

Then we packed up and went to the V.I.P. lounge to check the local wildlife.
And we forgot it was Friday,, poker night.

As you may know, we have a neighbor who will rat you off for any possible thing she believes to be wrong and that would include poker at a bar. But as we strolled into the joint, there were two cops at the bar having a beer. So she may have a hard time crying about this activity. But I am sure she either already complained or is at least thinking about it.
Then in the middle of the visit, Doris sets food plates out for EVERYONE IN THE BAR! Yep, poker stopped, and everyone saddled up to a big table for a holiday meal,, on Doris!
We, having just left the happy hour at Danube, had her put foil on ours to eat later.
Today we are cooking a ham and some trimmings, then we hit a neighbor’s house for some drinks later.
Then back to the DoubleWide for our usual debauchery.
I tell ya,,, Da Breach is a great place to be!


1. debauchery - a wild gathering involving excessive drinking and promiscuity

debauch, drunken revelry, bacchanalia, saturnalia, orgy, riot, unrestrained merrymaking - peterborough lyfe (obvs)

Breacher 1: Dude. You going to the V.I.P.lounge party tonight?
Breacher 2: Not sure. I'm so not into all the drama and debauchery. It's probably going to turn into a no-pants spin the bottle party turned orgy on film again.
Breacher 1: Oh, probably. See you there then?"
Breacher 2: Yeah. Save me a seat, will ya?


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you enjoyed a great Christmas Eve! I did too until my dog had a panic attack over the fireworks....sounded like a war zone!

Anonymous said...

Brother Bill,

A Happy Heathen Xmas to you and the significant other, also wish Scurvy a Happy One.

Do not worry about that poker game stuff. It is all legal. We do not play for money, solely for fun and cheap entertainment. Not a thing anyone can say about that.