Thursday, December 16, 2010

Some updates,,, with UPDATES

Mango’s big opening last night and we stopped by to check it out.
There have been some changes but the place still looks the same.
New menu (duh), and it looked quite good. Not real expensive but you know it will be good food. I saw US fillet mignon, tenderloins fajitas, baby back ribs, just to name a few.
I did not notice any foo foo umbrella drinks, but wine, rum, whiskey and beer.
Beer is 4$ a bottle and 6$ for a 12oz draft.

One thing we both did not like,, a big TV is now behind the bar where the booze bottles used to be.
Not so much the TV itself but it was playing rap videos while we were there.
So,, after 2 beers we packed up and went to the V.I.P. lounge. I fit in best there it appears.

How bout an update on our colonblow?
We were both successful! We got the crap out. No sense carrying all that shit around with us.
Mrs. Barn is now hooked on it. After the initial starvation period goes away it’s not that bad.
The worst part is gagging down that sawdust milkshake. But,, all In all,, a good time was had by us both.

And speaking of good times,, no, I have not chewed on that Guat Viagra as of yet. After googleing the side effects I am not so sure. But all the old horny bachelors in Da Breach swear by them so we’ll see.

Another update: there is also a new ‘internet café’ open in the Spectrart Gallery compound.
De Lite Café.
I have not tried it but Mrs. Barn had a ‘meat pie’ while at the Phlea market and it looked very good.

It is a wifi hotspot and I believe they will rent you a laptop if needed.

Intoxicated /adj./
When you feel sophisticated without being able to pronounce it.


Anonymous said...

Brother Bill,

Can you buy that Colon Blow shit or something like it in Belize?

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