Monday, November 1, 2010


We’ve had some down time and we have been trying to make the moist most out of it.
Not only have we been chasing each other round the house, nekkid, me with an egg beater, her wearing nothing but some bubblewrap (dam good thing the house is small!) we have been making some excursions as well.
Yesterday, after living here for 13 years, we finally set foot in the Cockscomb Wildlife Sancturary. (Jaguar Reserve)
Nope, we have been sending guests there all along but we decided it’s time we go take a look.
We tend to stay home allot!
With the road paved you are there in record time, buy your park pass 2.50US in our case, and away you go. Turns out the girl selling us the pass remembered Adriane from 2000 we she worked at Singing Sands! Ophelia was her name. Small world sometimes.

First thing we saw was this old plane that had crashed some time ago.

Interesting how the jungle is claiming it.

Then we hiked up to Ben’s Bluff waterfall. A short, easy hike, which is how we like to start! Probably about a ½ hour hike to the falls with only a couple ‘interesting’ parts.

We plan to go back and hit some other trails soon!

Yesterday was Halloween. Here are 2 photos. One is a group of hotties and one is a serious skank!

Alcohiemers: n,
The inability to remember what happened while drinking the night before.


Anonymous said...

Brother Bill,

Never told us how many jaguars you seen at Jaguar Preserve. Bet it was a big -0- zero.

But if you go at night with a local Mayan guide you might get lucky and see one.

Take plenty of Beliken because I heard those big ass cats get pissed off if they don't get a beer.
Guess you heard about the U.S. Embassy putting out an alert for Americans traveling in Belize since I heard some American got killed and eaten by a jaguar last week. Personally, I think there is more to that story than meets the eye. It is more like Mr. dumb ass American tourist tried to poke a stick into the cat's eye or hit him in the balls. Some tink like that.

Charlie said...

Neighbor saw a jaguar in Surfside (1 mile north of Seine Bight) on Halloween night. May be the same one that killed his dog last spring.

AnObiter said...

I love to see nature absorb the unnatural. =)

Um, those are some creepy looking Hooters Girls!

LOVE the "Alcohiemers." ;-)

Anonymous said...

Making it to the waterfall is like a stroll in the park. Making it to the top of Ben's Bluff is a whole different story. Last time there in order to prove how stupid we can be, we locked our keys in the truck. Several hundred swear words later we regained access.

ChrisandBrenda said...

Another good post Bill, its nice to be able to keep abreast of things in Maya beach all the way up here in Florida. Speaking of serious skanks, after least night's Republican landslide here in the U.S., I hear Palin is a shoo-in for the Presidential nomination in 2012.....Looks like Ms. Brenda and I may be making the permanent move to Belize sooner than we thought.

DriveGoddess said...

Thanks for the laughs and great shots as always Barn.....