Saturday, October 30, 2010

Ice cold Dicks and buns,,,

Seems this blog site was giving me fits for a few days. I couldn’t get it to cooperate at all. But it looks like it is back to as normal as it gets so,, here we go again.

Things were somewhat tense here for a bit as we watched to see where the BIG DICK was going to insert his head.

Turns out he went north of us enough that we never even felt a breeze.

Have you had trouble getting ice? Well not anymore.
There is a new ice factory in the Breach.

He will be selling bags for, if I remember right, 6bz for 8lb bag. Don’t quote me tho,, I forget.

And the kicker is,, he will deliver!
Yep, watch for the new ice truck cruising up and down the penn.

Had a craving for some grilled burgers a few nights ago. Gathered up what I needed when I found out I had no buns (burger buns). So what better time than now to learn how to make my own?
I made 16 of these and gotdam!! They were great! Easy too.
Fired up the grill and fried them dead cow pattys up.

Then I made what has become my favorite burger,, The Barnacle. a nice grilled burger, a slab of cream cheese, and a mess of jalapenos! Carefully place all that on my fresh buns,,,

Oh hell yea!

More to come as I get caught up round here.
May even be a road trip in the making!

I'm hungry enough to block a colon.


Anonymous said...

those buns look good..(in a nod to the men out there yes, all of them, but the burger ones in particular). care to share the recipe??

aimless said...

In the old movie 'Mosquito Coast' Harrison Ford made an ice building back in the jungle that looks a great deal like this new building. sort of deja vu all over again.

Barnacle said...

bun recipe: