Thursday, November 4, 2010

Wrong place, wrong time,,, whew!

I don’t know what happened? What went wrong? But sometimes things just don’t quite work out.
It was all set. Charlie Sheen called and said since he was looking at court ordered re-hab, he wanted to burn off the last bit of fuel outa his jet. So I set up some nice activities for us while he was here.
We were going to tour all the area’s churches, spend some time helping rework the pews.
Then swing by and volunteer at the orphanage for a bit.
I even laid in some refreshments for us.

But he never called, never came by?

Then I found this liable, slanderous artical. . Obvious a hit piece.
Oh well,, we will hit the church circuit next time he visits.

An alcoholic is someone you don’t like who drinks as much as you do.


ChrisandBrenda said...

Bill, This is too funny but you could have at least tried to get some pictures of the local babes that were hanging with Charlie on his Placencia bender. And I thought South Beach was ground zero for bad celebrity behavior.

If you can tolerate the fact that Sheen is a miserable excuse for a human being, and that's a big if, he sounds like he might be a fun guy to party with, especially if he buys the booze. I also have no problem with him trashing a room or two at Coppola's place, especially if they use the money from his hopefully large bill to fix the damn potholes in front of his celebrity haven for bad behavior. However, despite Charlie's inexplicable celebrity status here in the good old U.S.A. (only in America baby!) I don't think this is exactly the type of publicity we want for our little shrinking slice of paradise, especially if it draws more vermin like him to Placencia. Slanderous indeed, but definitely entertaining!

Anonymous said...

Diet WATER???????? WTF is up with that? unbelievable. What will they try and sell you next.

Anonymous said...

my favorite part of that article is when they call Belize "exotic"

Charlie said...

TC: "Diet WATER???????? WTF is up with that? unbelievable. What will they try and sell you next."

Diet Water is produced in Japan, where the parliament is known as the Diet.

ChrisandBrenda said...

Wow, the Sheen story is going viral up here on the Internet and they keep making a point to mention Belize....And suddenly all of my friends who said they could not afford to go to Belize are are asking when they can come down to visit....coincidence?

I also saw the rooms at Coppola's place go from around $500.00 to several grand a night and I'm Sheen didn't stay in the cheap rooms, so if he paid his bill for trashing the room, they should finally be able to scrape together the money to fix the potholes.

Can't wait until next month when Ms. B and I can escape the rat race for a few precious weeks. Is Mango's open again? How is Santos' place coming along?

BrendaandChris said...

Okay Bill, last post from me on this one, but here is the inside scoop from the New York Post, that bastion of journalistic integrity, so you know its true....and there is a detailed description of the girls in the "hareem" that flew down with him on his jet....Sounds like the pics would have been great if Charlie had invited you to the party or at least accepted your invitation and brought the girls up to Maya Beach.

Can we at least find out who the "local" source is? Inquiring minds want to know! This is by far the biggest story about Belize to hit the U.S. in years, which speaks volumes about our priorities here in Tea Party land.

Charlie Flies (hired) Hareem to Belize
05 November 2010

Another stellar ambassador for the male celebrity, one Charlie Sheen, has been keeping himself occupied since last week's foray involving a hooker and an unfortunate "allergic reaction". He's taken himself off to Belize with no less than 6 women he had flown in by private jet to Francis Ford Coppola's private resort.

A local has been quoted as saying: "How a man can consume that amount of alcohol and stay conscious is beyond me. He's only 45 and looked horrendous - but he was with six amazing women in bikinis who were all frolicking in front of him... There was one beautiful Asian, two Spanish girls, one tall Nordic-looking blonde and two foxy brunettes. He'd sneak off to the bedroom with a girl then come back - and each time he returned his spirits were a bit higher. I didn't see him taking drugs but for someone that drunk he was pretty wide-eyed."