Friday, October 8, 2010

Just a little something to get the weekend going. UPDATED

Today is Friday, but you already knew that.
Howz about we look into a few items that have arose round here as of late.
As you can plainly see from this photo, TreeTop is back in Da Breach.

Remember he has a son we call Branch. And an ex-wife we called Bush.
Well he has brought a new girl with him and introduced her around. (fuck, I already forgot her name) Edit: Her name is Mary Jo.
By the way, that's Sally in the photo, not TreeTop's new squeeze.
As we all know, when TreeTop is in town, stories just seem to happen.
One such story has already happened, before he was even in town!
Seems the offending joint left in a neighbor’s house accidently, resulting in an overnight stay in the pokie for said neighbor, belonged to TreeTop.
He’s looking good and will be round for 6 months so,,, lookout!

Santos’s V.I.P. lounge is really taking shape. Still a lot to be done but already it has drawn a following. And since Mango’s has closed,, AGAIN, we need a replacement bar.
Beers are 3 dollars!! Food can be had from the Hungry Gecko delivered to you.
I like it all just fine!
The bathroom needs a bit of work and Mrs Barn sez she won’t be back till it’s done.


I asked Doris if she was missing 2 chickens and she said no. I told her 2 white ones have made their home at ‘Chez Barnacle but they are not bothering us. She said if they do, kill them.

You know me,, I won’t be killing anything I have named and been feeding. They don’t bother me at all.

As I went to take Scurvy out to check his pee-mail, I saw this guy tossing his cast net.
Photo turned out pretty good if I do say so myself!

UPDATE: It appears Santos was working on the plumbing situation. Doris was seen taping ziplock baggies over Santos's hands as he went in to 'get 'er done.!
Gotta love it,,,!

I don't get women. They can change 'D' batteries in the dark, but can't find a 2 ton car in broad daylight?


sandy a. said...

can't wait to check out the lounge!

MidaH's Touch said...

The net thrower is just amazing and I just laughed out loud at Santo's urinal. So funny, so smart.

rabbitmoon said...

showed a friend your post and photos of the bathroom situation.....really, is that the place you pee into? grin. nice dory shot too. you know it is going to be colder (for Belize) when the sea is so calm.