Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A bit of an infomercial,, UPDATED

OK, some people, have in the past, referred to me as ‘weird’.
And I will admit, I sometimes do get a little left of the bubble.
For instance, I hear my photos of the Chubacabra birth are receiving mixed reviews.
Apparently, some folks think I crossed some line? What fuckin line??
And those that know me know I couldn’t care less. I have and will always do what makes me smile.

New camera gear makes me smile. Hell, who doesn’t get all woody-ed up at the sight of a box from B&H Photo sitting on their porch? Oh hell yea!
The new piece of swag in got whilst in Denver was not quite as cool as say a new 600mm f4 lens, or that new Nikon D300 I have been drooling over, but it got just about the same reaction. SCHWING!
Some of you once again will think I have gone flying solo into the jungle of bonkers, or maybe hitting the Belikin’s and jalapeno poppers a bit too much, but this is worth the ras.
Yep,, I got me a new camera strap!

You heard me correct,, I am all excited over a camera strap.
Over the many years I have tried a bunch of different straps. None of them brought any joy into my life.
Until now.
Walking around with heavy gear, I would never use the strap around my neck, at most it would hang on my shoulder where it would constantly slide off. I got to where I would just wrap the strap around my hand and carry the camera. And all a hassle.
Not anymore.
Enter the Black Rapid RS7.

This strap connects to the tripod socket of either your camera or lens, it then hangs by your hip with the strap diagonal across your chest.

And for you women out there, they make one especially for boobs. Looks like it curves where it needs to.

So by having the camera hang by your hip, it feels much lighter. Leaving your hands free to either drink beer or grope your wife.

When it’s time to shoot, the camera glides up the strap and you are ready.
It is a bit pricey for a strap, but worth every cent. And I believe this will be the very last strap I ever buy.

And a Hat/Tip to Andy and Mikey over at Lightenupandshoot for convincing me it was the thing to do.

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