Thursday, October 21, 2010

I shit you,,,,NOT!

Another storm lurkin in da hood. Richard, or Dick if you prefer.
Forcast modles show it going somewhat north but ya just never know.
But a nice day for Mrs. Barn to go out on a ‘Ladies Cruise’. Her and a bunch of other leg-shavers took a sailboat out to a couple cayes for the day. Weather could be better but she took a cooler of beer so it will all be just fine. Oh, and there is one who defiantly does not shave her legs!

Big meeting tomorrow about the cruise ship shit. Should be very interesting.
And then from the ‘Could it get any weirder’ vault we have this little gem.
It comes from that fancy-pants place north of me (I can’t mention the name cuz he has a habit of threatening me over the phone when I do).
But I will post the link!

Yesterday this was on their website: Future plans call for an expansive, private game preserve where hunters can engage multiple big game species in the pursuit of the trophy of a lifetime. A rustic, ranch-style lodge will provide a place to relax among friends and recall stories of camaraderie and competition.
Today it is gone?

There was some funny stuff being said over on Facebook about it. Comparing it to Jurassic park and shit.
Really,, could it get any weirder?

Roll up your pants . . . it’s too late to save your shoes.


Anonymous said...

I've never seen a link to a cached page before. How many other missing links do you have up your sleeves? You old techie!

Anonymous said...

Big Dick is on his way!!!!!!!!