Saturday, October 23, 2010

YOU LIE,,,,!

As I sit here this morning, coffee at hand, waiting to get slapped by some Dick, I should tell you a bit about what I saw at last nights cruise ship ’meeting’.
But first, let me clear up that Dick remark,,please!
Tropical storm Richard has been lurking right off shore for a few days now trying to decide where he wants to insert his eye of the storm. (gee, this all sounds kinda sexual)
Latest forecasts show him to make landfall just to the north of us on Sunday/Monday. Not as far north as I would like but I’ll take anything.
So we wait,,,,,, I don’t like doing a bunch of prepare work if I don’t really have to.

Back to the meeting.
There was a good crowd. Folks from Monkey River as well.

It started out just as all the other development meetings I have been to do.
Stuffed shirt blowhard developers get to show slides of how great they and their company are, how great this particular project will be for the area, blah blah blah blah. Once it puts everyone to sleep, then we all get one minute each to respond.
One sore spot that was hammered on was their ‘tourism village’ they want to build at the end of their pier. Notice I said ‘their’. In this gated village, they want to put their own shops, restaurants, a pharmacy, a huge swimming pool, and get this, a 20 room hotel?!
When asked why the hell put a hotel at the end of a cruise ship pier, the answer was “because the developer is in the hotel business”. But still, why would cruise ship people need a hotel??
Anyway, all this will be owned by them, utilize their people, and the money made will go right back up the gangplank to the ship.
Same with any tours. The passengers will use their guides who will do it for less than our existing guides.
During his boring, glossed over presentation, he mentions small ships will come to Placencia. But a few minutes later he shows a slide that states small to medium ships will visit.
As usual, they were slick, question avoiding snakes. The represenitives from BTB were no better.
It was clear to me, actually weeks ago, that they are both in bed together and doing their best to keep us all in the dark. Just sneak it in and we will be fine.

The overall response to this was a very loud NO. Not only no, but FUCK NO!
The chairman of the V.C. did an excellent job of hammering these points home as well as a number of other speakers.

The problem with that, the way I see it, is the BTB is being pressured to accept this. So that NO will turn into a NO PROBLEM by the time they submit their findings.

And the nights "Snappiest Dresser" award goes to, as always, Candy!
You go girl!!

I'm in a place where I don't know where I am!


Belizean Beach Bums said...

Way to go Barn....
succinctly and well said...

RPM said...

I thought you lived in paradise. Now I hear of giant Dicks lurking about in the darkness and slapping you around.

Then there's that tropical storm, too...

Mango's Madness said...

It seems as the rich and those government people feel they have a divine right to all that the other people possess. It is of little concern the needs or the wants of the normal people out here on the earth. Gods speed on your battle and I hope for your victory!!!


Candy said...

It took me a hell of a long time to get a matching outfit together. I think i won the contest.!!!!!

DriveGoddess said...

Please keep us posted Bill....this sucks if it goes through. And yes, Miss Candy rocks!

JRinSC said...

Hope you all go through this Dick slapping safely... take care. Hide and drink heavily!!

ChrisandBrenda said...

Bill, thanks for the update on the cruise ship meeting.....Unfortunately these cruise ship developers sound exactly like the same morons who ruined South Florida over the past 40 years....Hopefully the good people of Belize will be smart enough to avoid the lure of quick and easy money from these snake oil salesman....But as you say, the BTB is acting as if its a done deal so it probably is......Thank God we bought in Maya Beach and not Placencia.....