Monday, October 18, 2010

A bit of a rant,, exsqueeze me.

Some of you may or may not know of my opposition to mega growth here on the peninsula.
There have been Disney sized resort complexes that have been approved for construction which could, if the developers have their way, bring tens of thousands of additional visitors to the area.
The GOB freely admits they are not keeping count of the number(of beds) they have already approved as they just keep approving each new one that lands on their desk.
Anyone with minimum ¼ brain capacity will see that the area’s attractions would be overwhelmed and ruined. People would spread the word that Placencia is now just an overcrowded tourist spot like everywhere else. People will start going to those places that are the same but much cheaper.
And we would be fucked.
This GOB is one of the most corrupt in the world and they obviously could not give a fuck less what the people want, they are being paid!
Enter Royal Caribbean cruise lines.
They think they want to bring cruise ships to Placencia. Right at the point, hundreds, maybe thousands of cruise sheeple getting on busses to the Jaguar preserve, boats to monkey river and laughingbird. Just to name a few.
It’s a fact that almost all the money made from this goes directly back to the cruise lines with a miniscule amount dripping back into the area. They use their own guides, build their own shops staffed with their own people, pay little or no tax. And yet the GOB is all for it?
You cannot tell me they have not been paid off, as with every other ridiculous project they give the green light to.
Fortunately for us, most of these overbearing projects that have been granted, have just dried up and blew away. Mostly for lack of funds.
But now we have Royal Caribbean who’s profits last year were 3 times as much as the country of Belize entire worth!!
What does that tell you?
We have a seriously corrupt government in bed with a mega corporation telling us cruise ships are a good thing.
Just who do you think is in their best interest? The villagers?
There is a big meeting Friday at the basketball court about this. Being put on by the cruise ship folks.
Notice we don’t even have a facility to do this, we have to stand around the basketball court.
I truly do believe they will be met with a hostile crowd.
I’ll let you know.

In the meantime, here is an exclusive, photo of the real Homer Simpson!

If the Bible has taught us nothing else - and it hasn't - it's that girls should stick to girls' sports, such as hot-oil wrestling and foxy-boxing.


DriveGoddess said...

Not ranting Barn, just telling it like it is....Cruise ships are an insidious form of travel.

sandy a. said...

If they still plan to build, I say civil disobedience is the only way.
I want a full report from someone (hint hint!) and pics of the meeting. Actually, a video would even be better.

aimless said...

Could it be that the state of murder and robbery in Belize City has scared the cruise people into demanding a safer port?

Anonymous said...

Time to stop drinking again?

Carole said...

As they have done in Jamaica by moving the port of call from Kingston (war zone) to Falmouth, they do want a more attractive entry point for putting Belize on their cruise stops. Jamaica has lost the fight opposing the move. Let's not let it happen in Belize!!!! Tell them in no uncertain terms to go someplace else - like Curacao as a substitute, for instance.

Brenda&Chris said...

To see how cruise ships can ruin the local ambience of an otherwise nice place, one need look no further than Key West. Mallory Square used to be a nice place to see the sunset but its not the same when you have to share it with a few thousand day tourists who do little more than get drunk and leave their trash and puke everywhere before they buy a few cheap t-shirts and get back on their boat. We just bought a place in Maya Beach so I sure hope Placencia can avoid the same fate.