Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Gimme a break,,,,

Posts are about to slow way down. Slower than they are even now. I wouldn’t expect much in the next few weeks, unless Mrs. Barn gets a big burr up her butt and does something drastic,, again.
And speaking of that, Shrimp,, if you piss on my deck, I will shit in your living room! And it ain’t like I’ve never done that before.
So until I get my shit straightened out, feel free to talk among yourselves.
And let me leave you with these,,,

And,, it seems there is a battle brewing over free roaming dogs. One neighbor has a problem when walking his dog without a leash, and a couple other dogs not on leashes bark and growl at his dog. Next thing you know, the cops are here asking about Scurvy because they were given a list of all the free range dogs.
And I'll give you one guess who is driving the cops around.


BeMistified said...

Nice pics =) Hope things situate. Glad I found your blog! Thank you for making me smile.

sandy a. said...

I don't have to guess....I know!!
Good luck with things up North. Hope you get everyting settled OK.

Anonymous said...

Maybe some of the owners should be neutered to keep them from wandering around.

Carole said...

Makes you want to find a remote cave somewhere, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

Scurvy looks so sweet. You know how t play the game.

Miss Kenni said...

Do we need to set up a legal defense fund for Scurvy?