Friday, September 3, 2010

A mix-mash of shit,,,,

Got another interesting letter in the ‘ole mailbox last week.
Remember the one I got once addressed to Sally?

Then I got the one “MAILED FROM A CORRECTIONAL FACILITY” stamped on the front.

Then this one. Note the return address.

And inside was this brochure!
Guessing from the stamp and markings, it was mailed from Europe somewhere.
Wonder if they ever heard about the robbery at Mango’s?

Got to playin with some ‘self’ portraits a few beers, nights ago.
Don’t even think you know where my hand is.

And I found my old Chuck Taylor's. Stylin eh?

So,, for the ‘Hotties’ photo I thought, what thee hell, I’ll google up “girls With Guns”.
Here are my two favorites out of about 40 bazillion.

Ham and Eggs....A day's work for a chicken, a lifetime commitment for a pig.


sandy a. said...

cute pics of you and the missus

Anonymous said...

Brother Bill,

Yeah they know about the robbery.

I E-mail them every so often. Let them know what happened at Mangos.

Ray said...

Mango's got robbed? Details please.

BeMistified said...

I ♥ the shoes and Rambo Bunny! I am glad I found this blog!