Friday, September 17, 2010

You gotta be cruel to be kind,,,

Just a qick post to fill you in.
I am in Denver dealing with Medicaid for my dad.
We have found a nice home for him to move into, hopefully next week.
It has not snowed on my ass yet, but it's early.
I got lots of good material to use when I get back into it, such as the little crush dad has on the girl theripist who has been bathing him. And the disscusions over a 'Happy Ending'.
I have only had time to photograph one stinkin squirell so far.

Stay tuned,,,,,


sandy a. said...

glad you are getting things sorted out. Will be happy when you get back to Belize. The board was going ape-shit there for a while like a bunch of kids!

Tim and Tina said...

Family first , we will keep checking
all the best

Anonymous said...

Your a good son. Your fans will wait.

Anonymous said...

Yo Barn,

You hanging in there?

Hope everything is going well for your Dad, Mom, and you.

Let us know when you are back.

The wife and I will be coming down in mid-October, hope to drop by Maya Beach.


RPM said...

Hope things are well for your Mom and Pop. If all goes to plan I'll be booking a trip sometime next summer.

I'm bringing my "Surrender the Booty" Pirate flag when I do so I expect autographs.