Monday, August 9, 2010

Why did the chicken cross the road? UPDATED to add photo.

I am pruned. There has been so much rain, even my ball sac is wrinkled!
Wait, that’s suppose to be,,, right?
Anyway, today we have some sunshine. And I have my sac out letting it breath! ahhhhhhhh.
Alright, enough with the ball sac already!
But that is one of Mrs. Barn’s favorite shout-out when her Turrette kicks is,,
By now you may have noticed I have nothing of interest to blog about today. I know, it’s sorta obvious.

But, and you knew there would be a ‘but’, wait. Here is some news.
Yesterday while at the M.P. Market I asked Justin what the fuck is being installed upstairs?
I have been jokingly calling it the V.I.P. lounge.
He tell's me it’s a bar!! Right on, can’t have too many bars in town now can we.
And in typical Santos fashion, I am sure it will be my kinda place. Concrete floor, beer crates for chairs, free range house chickens, Doris’s young daughter serving beers, eye yi yi music, the works!
My kinda place. (as soon as the other computer frees up I will add a photo)

And speaking of chickens. Last night while slurping beers on the DoubleWide, we were greeted by our buddy the Green Hornet.
We set our beers down just long enough to get theses shots of him and Mrs. Barn’s finger.

Oh, and Santos’s little chicken squad does make a daily check of our beach eating some kinda little bugs.
I stopped them the other day and asked “What are you guys doing over here?”
“Sigh,,,, just once we wish we could cross the road without having our motives questioned.”


Anonymous said...

Yo Barn,

The Green Hornet pics are pretty sweet. Spent a summer in Hauchuca Canyon, Arizona, near Nicksville and Hereford Couty 92,and the hummers were oblivious to people, but not this tame.

As far as another bar in the hood, suggest you take your cues from the University of Georgia, my former employer (Go DAWGS!). Now rated as the Numero Uno Party School in the USofA (after I have left of course). To reach this lofty designation, it was noted there were 100 bars within walking distance of campus.

I think Mental Breach needs a University! After all, a mind is a terrible thing to ... sumthin sumthin.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Barnacle,

What a great idea to have a university in the Breach.

We could have the nutty professor get this off the ground.

As long as they have beer drinking 101 and whiskey lapping 102.

Don't forget pole dancing 103 so we have plenty of talent for Santo's new bar.

Anonymous said...

Hummingbird pic is too cooolll. How long will it be before they will just set on your finger and drink without flapping the wings.

Virginia said...

Ms Barn you seem to have a magic touch with such a beautiful lil friend. Thank you both for sharing!