Saturday, August 14, 2010

The blog today is a tough one.
Last night we lost a good friend. So did the rest of the world really.
Tony Eiley.
If you had ever met him, you liked him. You couldn’t help but like Tony.

He could bring a smile to your face no matter what. He was that kinda guy.
If you never met him, I’m sorry. You missed out knowing a great man.
I’ll never forget the days at the Lagoon Saloon pitching horseshoes.
Tony would always be there as he was the chairman of what I called The Joint Chiefs of Staff.
Joint being the key word here. He was a fierce competitor with the shoes, and did his fair share of whoopin ass.
Tony knew how to enjoy life. He lived it as full as possible.
He leaves behind many many friends and relatives. Including a large group of our guests who would fish with him each visit. When I send my guests out to spend a full day on a 25ft skiff, there was no question Tony would make it a memorable day on the water.

Tony leaves a large hole in the world.

I raise my Belikin to a great friend,,


Carole said...

I'm very sorry for the void left with Tony's departure. His gift was living life while he was among his good friends and family.

Anonymous said...

It is really sad.

sandy a. said...

Sad to lose a good person. My sympathies to the family and friends.

Anonymous said...

What did he die of so I can avoid it? Tony was a good friend of mine.

RPM said...

At our next meeting of the "Joint Chiefs" there will be a moment of silence for Tony.

Brian said...


Elysia said...

Hi Barn,

This post is really wonderful. I made sure it was shared with his kids.

Charlie said...

Keep throwin' ringers! RIP Tonio