Saturday, August 21, 2010

We now resume our regular programing,,,CORRECTION

A few things to report.
Lets see,,, I just got back from my maiden voyage to Santo’s new bar. And just as I predicted, class place. They put up the thatch roof yesterday and today they were looking at tile samples for the floor. The breeze is nice, the kids bring you beers, Scurvy likes it too! Once he gets the handrails on the stairs, Mrs Barn sez she will check it out. (she has a serious problem with heights and no rails). There is to be a veranda on the road side as well.
A big thumbs up to Santos and Doris!

We went to Tonio’s wake last night. We went knowing full well things don’t start till late and go allllllllll night. We got there around 1930 and left after we paid our respects, gave Tony a little talking to, had a few beers and were on the road home by 2030. I/we just can’t do them all-nighters any more.
Plus we wanted to get up and get the place ready for the new guests who arrive at 1300, and still catch the funeral at 1000 so a good nights sleep was recommended.
We did get the shit raked up off the beach and the yard all spiffed up, and arrived at the church just in time.
Problem was, it was standing room only and shade was at a premimum. Fuck that,, so we did exactly what Tony would have done,, we went to Barefoot bar.
Turns out allot of folks had the same idea so we were drinking beer in Tony’s honor at 1030 on a Saturday!
We watched them bring him down the road and place him in his new digs, a crypt custom made, even painted real nice inside. Then the family all pitched in to lay the wet concrete for the lid.
It was touching to see how many folks showed up. They came from country-wide to send Tony off. He had many many friends.
He will be missed.

A Cool Dude in a Loose Mood.

As I was walking from the church to the bar (sounds funny don’t it), I saw that worthless fucking crack head Wayne. My first thought was, fuck,, life is just not fair. Look, heres this total fucking shitweasel who is a complete waste of skin, and he’s alive, while we watch Tony get buried!
It just ain’t right I tell ya.

So,, things have been kind fucked round here latly with my parents. Plus we have had a banner year guest wise so the blog has suffered a bit. Did anyone notice the lack of boobs? Or ass’s?
Well I’m gonna do my best to buck up and get things back In order.
Lets start with some boobs! Whatya say.
CORRECTION: Seems I made a foo-pa. There are no boobs to be seen in either of these 2 photos. Just a helluva ass and a t-shirt concealing what I assume to be boobs.
I have been lackadaisical in my perversions and I apologize. I will make it up to you.

You girls will get yours later,,,

“You can get away with wearing just your underwear. You can get away with vomiting on yourself. You can even get away with screaming insane shit at me. But, for the love of Christ, not all three at the same time.”


sandy a. said...

sounds like a good wake to me!

Anonymous said...

Yo Barn,

I am confused. The first picture shown at the end of the blog (after the long drought) does not seem to be "boobs" at all, but rather seems to be what DriveGoddess indicated was "Badonkadonk", back on June 14, not to be confused with a Digeridoo, which is why I am confused. Please enlighten.

DriveGoddess, you want to weigh in on this? said...

Just found your blog and my wife Brenda and I will be at our house in Maya Beach this weekend, so I will definitely be checking out some of the bars you mention in the blog. We just bought the house in May so hopefully we can get down there more often and I can meet some of the people that my wife already knows.....

RPM said...

I may have a new favorite quote after reading the epilogue.