Thursday, August 26, 2010

Timing belt, tires and a toucan,,

Hey what the fuck is that? When you turn the key on our truck all the trouble lights on the dash lite up for a bit, then shut off. One lite sez ‘T’ belt. OK,, I always knew that was for the timing belt and I also thought it kinda odd to alert you when it breaks. The engine stopping and the assotiated noise would have been sufficient, don’t need a light. But my owners manual is in Spanish so I never knew it’s real purpose.
Well now the light stays on. motor runs fine so I know the belt is OK. So WTF?
Turns out,,, these lites have been around for awhile now just to remind you it’s time to change the belt before it breaks. OK, that makes sense.
So,, we make an appointment to get it changed at the Toyota dealer in Belmopan. (I have done this job once before on my old V6 Toyota and didn’t want to do it again)
We pack our happy asses up and hit the road at 0600 to make our 0900 apointment.
Fully expecting to get back home before dark-thirty.
Arriving at the dealer we check in.
The service manager sez he can’t do it today and is not sure it can be done in one day anyway.
He tells us this year Hilux is a bugger to change the belt.
Fine,, we say our fuck you’s and tell him we will get back in touch.
The women who told me over the phone that it could be done, no sweat, should be flogged!
Anyway,, we are now in Belmopan and we may as well go shopping!
Next stop, Caribbean Tire.
I have said before that I have been in some tire stores in my 54 years, but none have been as nice as Caribbean Tire!
I’m not shittin ya. Clean, friendly, snack bar, internet access, TV, lots of other shit for sale.
Always a pleasant experience.
We bought what has become our favorite brand of tire, Hankook, DynaPro allterrian ATM.
Next stop,, The Mall!
Yep, there is a new store in town called The Mall. It is a nice, big grocery store with some odd items tossed in. prices were good except for the imported luxury shit.
Ben-n-Jerrys ice cream was 22bz for the small tubs!
Mrs. Pauls Fish sticks, same thing.
A slim Nat Geo magazine was 18.50bz!
Oh well.

We came home with a few items, no luxury stuff tho.
We also picked up Doris at one of the roadside beer stops.
Her and Santos were stranded and waiting for a spare truck key to arrive via their son. Doris was ready to get home so she jumped in with us. and yes, Santos wants my old tires.

Side note: We did have a Toucan fly across the road in front of us!

So today I get to make another appointment to get the belt changed, and will be prepared to either spend the night or drive home in the dark, Vampire invested night.

Your promised babe and hunk,,,

If you don’t drink, then all of your stories suck and end with, “And then I got home."


Anonymous said...

Brother Bill,

Just wanted to let you know that you don't have to go very far to find a really good mechanic.

Doris's son Henry does really good work. You might have to get the parts for him, but he know how to work on engines and tear vehicles apart a rebuild them.

I have had him work on my motorcycle and was very happy with
his work. Hell Gary had him work on that Honda Del Sol sports car he just brought back from the States and he had the car repaired in no time.

Miss Kenni said...

I stumbled upon a solution to the Spanish manuals. As it happens, my caretaker speaks fluent Spanish, although he can't read a word of it. I had enough high school Spanish to be able to read the manual out loud (despite comprehending only a few words here and there). So I read it to him, and then he tells me what I read.

Works pretty good (for Belize) so far.