Monday, August 16, 2010

Ranguana Caye day

Every job has it’s perks. Whether it’s a large discount at the department store you work at, free burgers at Mickey D’s, all you can drink at the place you bartend, hell, even the guy who mops the stall floors at the peep show gets something out of it, right?
Well in our case one of our perks is we get to go with some tours for free. I have been birding with Basilio, Monkey River with Clive and Terry, just to name a couple, and have some standing offers from others we still need to take advantage of.
About a week ago we took up an offer to go to Ranguana Caye for the day. Oh hell yea we’ll go!

If you Imbiggen this photo you can see Ranguana out on the horizon.

We rode out on Avadon’s big ass boat with some divers and snorkelers. We were all set to snorkel when we discovered we had no more contact lens left. So we just did some swimming, lounging, splashin round, and full-contact relaxin.

Thanks Avadon!

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sandy a said...

Looks like a great time! makes me wish we had a boat...guess I'll have to settle for a kayak!