Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sorry,, more tech shit,,,

Allrighty then,, I got another question about shutter speeds. I’m starting to like this.
Once again, for those of you hoping for smut, perversion, gossip, please come back later. Although there is some boobies at the bottom this post but you are not allowed to peek unless you read and understand the shutter speed part of the post.

So,, do you read your camera manual? At least glance thru it? Well if you did and you retained any of it, you may have seen a section concerning “Flash Sync Speed”, or MAX sync speed.
This refers to your particular camera’s (they vary) maximum shutter speed you can use that will still allow a full frame view when using flash.
What this means is that, lets say your camera manufacture sets it’s limit at 1/250th for it’s maximum sync speed. (When I got my first SLR in 1976 the max sync speed for all cameras was 1/60, they had that speed marked in red on the dial) Anything above that speed your photo will catch the shutter still trying to close. You will get a black bar across the photo which is actually the shutter curtain. The speed is too fast to allow it to be fully open. So your flash is limited to the bottom half of the frame.
Anything below the manufactures set speed is no problem.
So what the fucks the problem you say?
This scenario can come into play out in direct sunlight or anywhere the ambient light is way high.
Your outside in sunlight, you have dialed down your ISO as far as it will go, but the ambient is so strong your meter requires a shutter speed higher than recommended.
I say fuck the manual. It is just a guideline anyway.
My current camera’s manual sez it will only sync to 1/180th. OK,, that gets me by 99% of the time no problem. But the one time I want more, what do it do? I only want/need one or two stops at most to get what I am after.
One option although expensive, is neutral density filters. Screw these onto the end of your lens and you can darken the ambient for many stops,, up to about 4, maybe more. But they are very pricey.
Another option is to just shoot it at the shutter speed you want.
Chances are, if there is that much ambient to begin with you may not even see the bar.
But if you do, just accept it knowing you can crop later in post processing.
If you know it’s going to happen and adjust, it’s not a mistake,, right?
OH,, and a big tip here. This only works when your camera and flash are in full manual mode.

Here is a quick example of what I am talking bout. All photos with a flash set at 1/16th power.
The first shot is already over my cameras max of 1/180th, it is at 1/200th and as you can see it works fine.

The next is 1/320

Then 1/400

And finally 1/500

All shots unadjusted.

Notice how the shutter curtain is gradually more visible as the shutter speed increases.
But these are all in the shade, direct sunlight may have made a huge difference and I will try to show that soon.

Clear as mud right?

Now, since you suffered thru all that shit,, have some boobs and ass.


Anonymous said...

I suppose yer claiming that last foto is yer self-portrait?

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OK enough of the techishit! How about getting back to beer & pole dancing? Canada always had better beer & now they're going for the pole position here...