Monday, July 26, 2010

Poker near The Wall of Hate?

What the fuck is that? You ask.
Well, if you’re walking the beach and you see a cluster of kiddies pools half full of water with a blue tarp for a roof, you just might say the same thing.
Let me ‘splain.
A couple local entrepreneurs found a way to make some cash, easily with no overhead.
Just fill the kiddie pools with sea water and sit back.
Sea salt of course. What were you thinking?
My first walk past I hollered out “ Scurvy, don’t piss in there!!”
My next walk past saw the tarp blown off and the pools now overflowing with rain water.
Maybe a re-visit to the drawing board is in order?

Now check out this map. (click to imbiggen)

What you are looking at is Mental Breach from Green Parrot going south. #1 Is G.P,, I am #23 so you can get an idea of whats what.
Lot #9 on the beach is Mango’s bar.
That 40ft lot right next to Mango’s is a PUBLIC BEACH ACCESS.
Clear as can be.
This all came to light back when Mango’s was under construction. The immediate neighbors hated the idea soooooooooo much there an unreal amount of shit stirred up. Including firearms!
The neighbors decide to erect a fence, not unlike our friend Sarah Palin just did to hide from her new neighbor. The fence to the north was constructed as it should have been, right on the property line, and remains to this day.
But,,, the fence to the south was built on the WRONG side of the 40ft easement. Essentially giving the owner a FREE 40 feet of property.
Well everybody, and I mean everybody pitched a bitch over this. The GOB sent out a crew and with a large bulldozer they removed the illeagle fence. Dispite all the crying and screaming done by the folks trying to steal 40 ft. We called this incident “The Wall of Hate”.
The fence was gone so for the most part all the law abiding neighbors were happy.
Well, along comes the road crews. They are putting in these permanent concrete curb things and they put them at this PUBLIC ACCESS as if this home owner owned the 40ft.
So once again the neighbors spring into action and bitch to the proper ears and we are now waiting for them to move them curbs.
More than once this person has been told by GOB people she does not own that 40ft, get the hell off.
We shall see.

But on a lighter note,, I got a couple good hummer shots!

And speaking of Mango’s. I asked for and received permission to take photos of Ritzi, a bartender at Mango’s.
I have also requested to do a re-shoot because fuck,, I can do better than this!!! No fault of hers but come on,, where’s the ‘POP’. The ‘Snap’?
Pretty dull if you ask me.
But the guys will not look at the poker table in the same way next game!


Anonymous said...

Amazing story! here in San Pedro there would have been gunfire by now!

sandy a. said...

I'd heard bits of that story before, but not the whole deal. I had no idea that was public beach next to Mango's--hooray! I can sit my tattooed ass right on that public piece of beach and order a beer right from the bar