Saturday, June 12, 2010

Who put the 'Donk' in the Badonkadonk,,,

Hey! We got out last night. We decided to hit the town and visited the Maya Beach Hotel for happy hour and some appetizers.
I tell ya, well,, no, I don’t have to tell ya, but you cannot go wrong at the MBH. Drinks are good (beer in my case), and the food is ALWAYS excellent!
Last night we tried the ‘Bistro Quattro’ for our appetizer.
Comes out in 4 sections on a big plate.
One item was a chorizo plate with bread to dip into the sauce,, very good!
Next was a seafood arrangement in a sauce. Those of you who know me know I am not a seafood fan. But this was very, very good! So that ought to tell ya something.
Then there were 2 Lamb Sliders. Just what it sounds like, 2 lamb burgers that were small like on dinner rolls, perfect!
Followed by Gnocchi’s. These are a type of Italian (?) dumplings made with truffles. They were our favorite choice of the plate!
Then as we are sitting back pickin our teeth with the fork, (low class and all) out comes some home made cheese and calamari! Again,, I tried the squid but preferred the cheese.
Any time you order food here you will be happy.
Then the afternoon got interesting,,,

Out of nowhere, Ellen whips out her Badonkadonk!

A native to Australia musical instrument that resembles a large bong. I believe it is the instrument used that you hear when the Aborigines’ are calling everyone to come to dinner once the Goanna is done cooking on the Barbie?
Anyway, John decides to show how it is done and he does a better job than Ellen.

Just so happens Annette was there who is from New Zealand and she had a go at it.

Then we get Ellen on guitar, John on the Badonkadonk, and Brother Glen bustin some moves on the dance floor with his 3D glasses! (click to imbiggen)

You just never know what will transpire in Da Breach,,,,

DISCLAIMER: the term ‘Badonkadonk’ may be a mispronunciation as I really don’t remember what they were calling it, but it’s close.
And I don’t really know if the Aborigines used it for a dinner bell either. That’s my shit.


Drew Travers said...

Drew Travers Well... compulsive jerk that I am, I just couldn't help myself... see below from Wikipedia. I wanna know how you pronounce "ngarrriralkpwina"

There are at least 45 different synonyms for the didgeridoo. The following are some of the more common regional names.[4]

Tribal Group Region Local Name
Anindilyakwa Groote Eylandt ngarrriralkpwina
Yolngu Arnhem Land yirdaki
Gupapuygu Arnhem Land Yiraka
Djinang Arnhem Land Yirtakki
Iwaidja Cobourg Peninsula Wuyimba/ buyigi
Jawoyn Katherine artawirr
Gagudju Kakadu garnbak
Lardil Mornington Island djibolu
Ngarluma Roebourne, W.A. Kurmur
Nyul Nyul Kimberleys ngaribi
Warray Adelaide River bambu
Mayali Alligator River martba
Pintupi Central Australia paampu
Arrernte Alice Springs Ilpirra

sandy a. said...

its called a digeridoo

adriane said...

I like badonkadonk better!!

Ellen said...

It just sounded like a badonkadonk when we played it.

Anonymous said...

Yo Barn,

The MBH menu sounds great. Glad you guys had a great time with the Diggeridoo ... er Badonkadonk.

Since you are not working on any projects currently, like that mobile brass pole number, you might want to take a look at this for inspiration:

The Electronic Dig ... er Badonkadonk. Straight from Star Wars miltary surplus.


DriveGoddess said...

Didgeridoo.....but Badonkadonk is cool....however it refers to a woman's booty, as it is viewed walking away....the woman and her booty that is....not a fat booty but a bootylicious one, curvacious, full of promise and something to hold tru!!

Sue W said...

I was in High school then, but you both were still grade school juveniles!