Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I'll get it,,,,,

What the fuck is with all the World Cup excitement?
OK,, maybe I am still one of the very few who couldn’t care less about stick-and-ball games. And this one doesn’t even use a stick!
Oh I used to be a Bronco fan, a big one too. Then they went on strike.
Pissed me off so I never watched another pro sports game. So there, Nanny nanny poo poo.

But this photo caught my interest.

It’s about the coolest cell phone holder going. Being used by a fan from Paraguay.

More road news. They are actually painting stripes!
Yep, the side stripes were going down near the airstrip yesterday and the middle is marked for a center stripe.
Poor guy is using a walk-behind parking lot striper. He has a long way to go.


Sue W said...

Cannot see the pix unless I click to imbiggen.

Barnacle said...


Kenni said...

Aha! Now I see the source of the highway paint shortage (yeah, there really is one) in Florida .

RPM said...

I approve of that phone holder! But's what's up with all the Badonkadonks everyone is blowing?