Thursday, June 10, 2010

Whatchootalkinbout Willis?

Just had a first here at ‘Chez Barnacle’s.
We just got the first letter we have ever received that has a big rubber stamp on the front declaring “ MAILED FROM STATE CORRECTIONAL INSTITUTION”.
Now this may come as a surprise to some of you but no, I do not have a lot of friends who are locked up. I have some friends who probably should be locked up but that’s another story.
This letter comes from our friend Steve who you may remember was busted here in Da Breach for kidnappin his own daughter and skipping out on a jail sentence in Florida.
It was a nice letter and it was good to hear from Steve.
In the letter he mentions he is allowed no communication with Trina but her mother has told him she is fine. Oh, and she sent him some divorce papers to sign.
He gets to see his daughter twice a month and that sucks as he wants to see her much more.
Apparently the food is horrible and the quality of inmates is even worse. He says he is in a work camp type setting so it could be much worse if he was in the actual ‘general population’.

He received a copy of this blog and was glad to read some of what is going on in The Breach. One post he read was where Mrs. Barn is acting like a turrettes patient on crack!

He also went into a little about how sorry he was that he and Trina felt they lied to everyone and wants us to understand why they did what they did. After they got to know all of us they knew we all could be trusted except Trina opened her yap to the one person who they knew they couldn’t trust.
I understand what Steve did in his past needs to be dealt with, but it’s too bad they could not have just remained here not bothering anyone.
I’ll never look at them as criminals. They were just friends to me. Good people.
But, they were ratted out and now they sit in jail, the daughter has to live with someone else, and I have to write this blog entry.
Nobody likes a ratfink. You learn that in 1st grade!

Anyway, it was good to hear from Steve and I know he would like to hear from you. I will include his address so you can send him your letters. Try to keep the hacksaw blades down to a minimum as I am sure he will get a collection going soon.

Stephen Butler A50300
Holmes work camp A1104L
3142 Tomas Drive
Bonifay Florida 32425

Drop him a line, you know he would appreciate it.
Good luck Steve!!

And this just in,,,
Did you hear Gary Coleman died? The little dumpy kid from Diff’rnt strokes. The kid who made famous the line “Whatchootalkinbout Willis?” croaked, checked out, kicked the bucket.
I somehow came across a photo of his monogrammed casket! Custom made just for the guy.

Todays hot-shots are a bit different.
The girls get the good one,,,

while the guys get one that makes you ,,think.


sandy a. said...

when one has a secret that will make a measurable difference if it gets out, one should keep their mouth shut at all times. No one can be trusted 100%.
No one.

DriveGoddess said...

sad story....but glad you shared it....thank you.

Belizean Beach Bums said...

Thanks for the update Barn.. we will drop Steve a line for sure

Anonymous said...

hey one of my ex neighbors,best friend lives in Bonifay, Florida.
Wonder is she knows that they have a work camp around her.

Agree keep secret to yourself if you wish it to remain a secret.