Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Lemon-aid, zoot suits, and more hooters,,,

It’s kina slow again. But I thought I would toss out a couple things just to give you a chuckle.
First is this new idea that landed in my in-box.
Since I have not gotten the mobile stripper pole idea launched, I am now trying to convince Mrs. Barn that this is a sure-fire money maker.

I would even give her top billing.
Lobsterfest is just round the corner and we all know how hot it can be for that event. Hell, she could make a killing on the first day!
I’ll let you know if this all pans out.

Then once you are safely back home and feeling a bit frisky, why not dress up your 'lil fren for a night out? (click link and look for 'designer wear for down there')

You can dress him up as ‘fireman Rick, private Willy, Pirate Hardwood, a cowboy or just as Dapper Dick.
I don’t really think I want to hear how it goes tho.

Todays hot stuff.


Sue W said...

I think the "order by" date has passed to get the lexan bra with nipples in order to get it by Lobsterfest.

LandShark 5150 said...

Barny -- sorry for not being the johnny on the spot and coming round your blog seas but poop happens.
Your sense of funny boner still gets meself a giggling. You know I've got to rip and link to you, this is to funny. The mobile strip pole - have one. Was fun but now has to go to make room for the mobile hot tube that doubles as a jello rastin pit on wheels.
Have to seriously talk w/ you about a summer time vacation around your sand stand.

LandShark 5150 said...

Linked ya my old pirate friend