Thursday, June 17, 2010

The long and short of things,,,

I was accosted yesterday,, accosted I tell ya! (look it up)
“You need to put up more posts.”
And I agree, but sometimes shit gets in the way. Shit like work, and severe lack of anything interesting to post about.
Hey,, you people are the ones who make it interesting. Go do something,,, interesting!
But I digress.
Lobsterfest is right around the corner.

We will only be able to attend on Saturday, (that work shit again.), but I have a plan. Gotta have a plan.
I intend to shoot an assload of photos. I want to make this my best lobsterfest for photos yet.
Now, if I can steer away from the beer tent long enough to make it so?
I will take 2 lens with me. The new 10.5 and the trusty 80-200 zoom.

The fisheye will be for food shots and such. A fun close-up lens for sure.
The zoom will be for shots of all the pretty girls, portraits.

Look at the difference in size with these two! And yes,, the zoom gets heavy after a couple hours.
But what a cool lens it has been. I have had it for about 20 years and don’t regret a minute of it.

Anyway,, hopefully I will get some ‘keepers’ from this years ‘fest’.

Alright,, if I see any of these dickweeds I'll shoot 'em for you female readers.


Anonymous said...

After 23 years in the military, I've become partial to a woman in uniform. Especially Fatique's. Maybe we should put more troups like that out to battle. I think the war's would be over. Shoot I'll do my duty again and fight along side troups like that anyday.


Anonymous said...

Please take pictures of guys at least as old as my grandsons!

Anonymous said...

Whats that funny lookin' thing on yer Pelican Case? Its got claws and yer callin' it a lobster? Where ya from?