Thursday, June 17, 2010

How was I to know there was a party goin on,,,,?

“Hey Meester Bill, Dis is for you.”
We got an invitation to a graduation party. A shin-dig.
Justin, our neighbor from the Maya Point Market has graduated and will be moving on in his classes.
Good for him, he is a sharp kid.
So Doris and Santos threw a wing-ding and invited a bunch of friends and neighbors for beer and food.
I love her cooking!
The event was held at ‘Fort Santos’ in the inner compound.

Tables and chairs and shade were all tossed up and the beer was iced down. Fort Santos was looking good. When we arrived the smoke was a rollin off them 2 BBQ’s and smellin great!

I don’t know bout you but I find it entertaining to see a chicken strutting around a BBQ full of chicken? Has no one told him?
Chicken/pork, rice and beans, coleslaw, tortillas,,,, what could be better? Oh and cold beers!
We couldn’t stay long as we have to work this morning. We have guests arriving by bus and I should go try to do something about this fuckin mess!

Good job and thank you Doris and Santos!

And what do you get when you combine the wet t-shirt theme with the world cup thing?

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