Monday, June 21, 2010

All the news that's fit to print,,, EDITED

OK, seems we have a good news-bad news situation here today. Which you want first?

Oh the hell with it, here is the good news.
The beach is almost back to normal after that shit explosion last week.

We had more gotdam plastic and wood on the beach than has been there in months! Apparently, a storm flushed out the rivers and it all landed here.
As you know, Mrs. Barn has been heading a drive to keep the plastic off the beach. She solicits donations from whoever she can and funds the salary of a young man and buys trash bags.
Of all the folks who live on the beach side, she gets donations from about 5 of them. Some of the most consistent donators live on the lagoon!
And top honors go to Albert who throws in 100$ each month!
In the last week since we received the ‘flushing’, our pickup guys filled 27 trash bags with plastic!!!
27 thirty three gallon bags! And that doesn’t count the bags we got off our beach or what others have picked up on their own. It almost looks normal out there.
So how bout a big hand for all those who donate and to Mrs. Barn for crackin de whip!!

And now the bad,,,,,

Saturday night, some ASSHOLE, most likely drunk(?), went on a 3A.M. ‘zippo raid’.
He torched 3 businesses’ that had thatch roofs. All at the same time.
Serenade, Sunrise and De Tatch.
I am told there was someone awake at De Tatch at the time and responded very quickly so damage was not so bad. But the other two,,,, gone!
I didn’t see Serenade but Mrs. Barn got these shots of Sunrise, or where it used to be anyway.

The owners of sunrise lost their house 3 months ago in another fire (faulty wire) and now have also lost their business. I hear they will be some fundraising events for them in the near future.
I have not heard if they caught the ‘alleged perpetrator’ or not, but I hope they do and fuck him up for life!

So there you have it.

Oh yea,, almost forgot this phone conversation.

Ring ring,,

“What the fucks up with Scurvy’s attitude all the sudden?”
Huh? What ‘tude?
“I’m sitting here the other day and I hear thump thump thump of little footsteps coming up my stairs. I see Scurvy out on my deck waggin his tail. Then he hurls a big pile of doggie barf right on my deck. He walks over to the screen door, looks in, growls a couple times, then thump thump thump back down the stairs he goes! What the fuck”

“Uhhh, I dunno. What was in the pile of urp?”
“That’s not the point, I only see him once in awhile and this is how he greets me?”

I thought it was pretty funny.

Oh yea,, more bad news.
Took Scurvy to the vet clinic yesterday. The vet said he was ‘obese’!!! Can you believe that shit?
No,, obese is what them stateside dogs are.
Scurvy is just well fed for a pot-licker. Plus, we gave him a bath before we went so he was all fluffy and shit.
But, I am cutting back on his portions. Maybe quit flippin him chunks of chicken and shit all day long too.
And instruct the guests to not feed him bacon every morning too. Damn,, I thought he had the perfect life!
Well, ‘cept for the no nuts part.

Todays hotties are featured on bikes,,,although I don't know if Lance Armstrong is considered a 'hottie'?

And then theres this one. Draw your own conclusion as to what just transpired here.

EDIT: A link to the Roots-N-Reef newsletter. Please read.

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sandy a. said...

that sucx hard about the fires. I hope they hang the perp by the thumbs, after he helps rebuild what he burnt down...but keep him in shackles while he's doing it.