Tuesday, June 22, 2010

At least I don't eat bugs!

Full house here at ‘Chez Barnacle. Everyone having fun as well. Even as Scurvy is passed out in the shade, you can still see a hint of a grin.

And it seems we may have a new resident here as well.
People ask me where I was born and my standard response is “I was born just outside of Wedlock, I grew up in Filth, and now I live in Sin.”
And sometimes the story gets out of just how poor my parents were.
How poor were they?
Me and my sister had to share one piece of bacon on a string.
The string was just in case one of us got carried away and tried to swallow the bacon.
I usually don’t mention how we recycled corn.

But I lived in a real house and ate some real food.
This poor bastard will have to tell his/her grandkids about how he/she was born in a hollowed out tree and was fed bugs!

Mr. and Mrs. Golden fronted woodpecker have an offspring. It has been a treat to watch it grow and we hope we get to see it make its maiden flight. The tree is right off the DoubleWide so we have a front row seat. It pokes its head out allot, chirping and we think it is getting ready so hopefully we can get it on film.

Having sex after 20 beers is like shooting pool with a rope.

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sandy a. said...

Like the woodpecker!! But didnt believe your tale of woe for one minute....