Saturday, May 1, 2010

Whats the opposite of 'contrast'?

Lets talk about some contrasts today. Opposites. You know, things like black and white. Hot and cold, up and down, good and evil, horny and dead, sanity and Sarah Palin, drunk and sober, that kinda shit.
It comes up as I tripped over one of my shoes the other day, and I thought about how many people were buying our old shoes at the Phlea Market. Crappy, old, half wore out flip flops and someone would buy them.
Now here is an example of a nice, new, yuppie, shoe.

Great shoe, probably the last shoe I will ever buy as I don’t wear them much. Great build, long lasting, hard to wear out. And I own 2 pair?

And then we come to this flip flop that was found on the beach.

What is the story behind it? Which came first, the hole in the heel? Or the nail holding the strap in place?
This person sqooze the very last mile out of this flip flop. And what of the other one? Is he still wearing it?

And heres another contrast. Me shooting wedding photos? Looks like I may be doing just that in the future. And believe it or not, I do own a tie. A zipper tie no less.
So I thought I would brush up on the cheesy wedding prop photos you see around.

Most people use a bible for this shot but low and behold,, there is not one in the house? So I used the “Modern Drunkards Handbook’ for this shot. Seemed appropriate.

And just so you are up to date, heres a couple photos in contrast to the hotties you normally see here.

I’m afraid of three things: Women, polar bears, and the police. They all have the ability to hurt me and make it look like it was my fault.


Jesse said...

Yeah! This is one of yer best!

sandy a. said...

nail the flip flop to the flipflop tree!

rabbitmoon said...

glad i went to this today, sunday. made my laugh come out of all the hacking being done! even the quote~ :)

Linn said...

Too good! I wish I could live down there with you!