Saturday, May 29, 2010

Oh Lucy, I'm hoooooome.

Back from the big city and glad of it. Denver is just way too big. And since I don’t get there but once a year, it just seems bigger each time. i actually got lost this trip. Well not ‘lost’ but a bit confused and I’m sure I added about 10 extra miles to one of my cross town trips.
Mom and dad are doing OK. As OK as they can, for all that’s going on. Tough to watch your parents get old that’s fer sure.
When dad was 16 he was running round with another hoodlum named Bud who happened to be my mom’s older brother.

After a night of drinking and who knows what else, Uncle Bud put this tattoo on my dad’s hand. And then 60 years ago he married my mom. Uncle Bud is still doing fine but he is going thru all the same shit as my dad is right now. Bud told his doctor “I was fine till I quit smoking and drinking. Now everything has gone to shit”.

Speaking of drinking, check out the newest beer opener in town. It opens a Belikin like a hot-dam!

Every tool box should have one. (yes I went to sears while in Denver.)

And upon my arrival back in Da Breach, I received that much awaited Nikkor 10.5 lens!
Yea baby! This little fucker is fun. I can see where it will be on the camera a lot. I have to learn to keep my feet out the photo tho.

So 30 days without beer was not so bad.
Oh,, my mom asked something about that and I told her I quit drinking for 30 days so I could afford this lens. She FREEKED OUT! “You drink 700 dollars of beer a month??” well,ma,,I’m just trying to stay healthy.

Your latest Hot-t's

During my 30 days on the wagon, I was forced to live on nothing but food and water.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back. You were missed.

Editor said...

Glad yer back. Now we can resume our "normal" lives again.

DriveGoddess said...

Love the story about your dad and Mister bud....coolness. And the lens...have mucho fun Barn!

Anonymous said...


I was checking in cause I was getting concerned over the extended absence. Getting old has so many negatives ( I know from personal experience, recent I must add). My father died in 1975, leaving my Mother alone for 23 years. It was really difficult for her, and she became bitter. At least your parents have each other. The Uncle Bud story is a classic, thanks for sharing this. And show us a few of those Fisheye photos (sans feet) when you can.

Hang in there Big Guy (you too Adriane).


Anonymous said...

glad you are home again, and I know Adriane is too.
I dig your dad's tat--what a classic!

Anonymous said...

Welcome home. Glad you got some quality time with Mom and Dad.
Mom was surprise at the 700 beers? Didn't you tell her you cut back? lol
I think the peninsula can now resume it regular programing. Barn's back and Adriane has a smile on her face once again.
Life is Good.

RPM said...

“I was fine till I quit smoking and drinking. Now everything has gone to shit”.