Thursday, June 3, 2010

Just another shitty day in Da Breach,,,,,

Wholly fuck! it’s hot. I guess you could say summer is here.
And one way to gage that is that this month marks the 2 year anniversary of the Kendal Bridge getting washed away.
And why would we give a fuck about this date you may ask? Well, it’s because they still have not replaced it!
They started out with a dirt-and-tube bridge that was Ok until it rained. It got to where they stationed a back-ho there and a big pile of dirt so he could just rebuild it after each rainstorm.

Remember when the U.S. donated the ‘Baily bridge’? It sat there on site for a few weeks then disappeared. I don’t know if I ever heard what really happened to it.
Now they have a decent wooden structure but it still goes under water with every big rain.
So yea,, it’s summer.

Scurvy came down with some kinda bug or sumptin and he was just mopin round and not eating hardly at all. I missed the vet clinic by a few days but I found out they have a vet in Hopkins. They have clinics each Wednesday and the last Friday of each month. So I load up the Scurvy dog and away we go.
Their shop is nice and clean, well stocked and has AC!
But,,, and there’s always a but.

Even though they knew I was coming and it was a scheduled day for a clinic, the vet never showed up.
Having lived in Belize long enough I know every time you leave the house on a mission of some sorts, no matter how many times you hear, “yes we will be there” “yes we have that part” “sure, no problem”, I know my chances of getting anything accomplished is 50% at best.
And this was no different. I did manage to secure some doxycilyn (this shit cures everything) which is what I wanted all along so I see it as a success. Got a nice drive out of it as well.

Been playin with the new lens. Yea baby,, this thing is FUN! If I am having trouble finding something interesting to shoot, slap this baby on and everything takes on a whole new look.
And yes,, that is bacon flavored spam on the Barbie.

And the pool is at Lost Reef in Riversdale.

Todays nice ass's.

The problems that exist in the world today cannot be solved by the level of thinking that created them.


aimless said...

Have you noticed that spam is ham but flavored spam, any flavor, has the dreaded,mechanically separated, chicken in it

sandy a. said...

I ain't as hot as it is here, I guarantee!!