Saturday, May 15, 2010

Break time,, unless Mrs. Barn takes the helm again,,

Hey, we got to go out! Yesterday was Mrs. Barn’s birthday and she wanted to ‘do the Breach’. Now that’s not what you are thinking you pervs, she wanted to go out on the town.
First thing she wanted to do was bowl.
I have not bowled for at least 20 years, maybe 30. But it’s her birthday so I found some socks.
I have to admit, when I first heard bout this bowling alley thing I was skeptical. But now I see it is really a good thing. It’s something to do, reasonably priced, and I like the bar. Good job.

After beating the hell outa that Belikin keg, we packed up and headed for Mango’s.

Not much has changed there. We did see some folks we have not drank with for quite some time tho.

Remember that little story about me quiting beer for 30 days so I could afford a new lens?
Remember when I said I had ordered it, and then I said it had been shipped to Austin?
Well, here it is.

Still in Austin but I got this photo just to make me cry.
2 more weeks.

I mentioned I have to go to Denver and I leave soon. I want to say thank you for all the advice and thoughts you have shared with me. Much appreciated.

Your daily hot stuff,,,

"Women and cats will do as they please. Men and dogs had better get used to it."


Sue W said...

Take over while he's in Denver! We all loved it last time.

San Pedro said...

Why not let Scurvy take over? He must have the talent...

DriveGoddess said...

Happy belated b-day Adrienne!!