Tuesday, April 6, 2010

There's way too much blood in my alcohol system,,,,

I’m back! Back from the wagon. It has tipped over and spilled me out into the gutter. The gutter where I am usually the most comfortable. Ahh, familiar surroundings.
I had all kinds of good shit rolling round my brain compartment to write down about my 30 day dry spell and some tidbits about Zombie Jesus day as well, but BTL fucked me.
As I mentioned earlier over ANY holiday shit breaks down. Basic ‘infrastructure’ will fail. Actually, the only thing that is without fail is that something WILL fail.
This year the power stayed on. It only blinked a couple times that I saw. Don’t know about the other necessities such as water because we lost out internet AND phone on Saturday. Didn’t get to keep up with goings on with the rest of the world. And when this happens we cannot even report it till Tuesday!

But, we’re back up and runnin,, where was I?

The bender, I would have to classify it as a mini-bender at best.

The beer gods have not been as kind to me as they should be. The day of my ‘outing’ I found myself in a position that required some sort of responsibility from me. Just cause I was free from the bounds of soberism didn’t mean I could just fuck off for a few days, say a big ‘FUCK YOU’ to all my existing chores and lay-up drunk. Although that was sorta the plan, I guess I didn’t check my schedule very well.
We are still up to our asses in guests And since I am considered ‘Julie the cruise ship entertainment director’, I have to keep myself somewhat coherent. FUCK.
My fault, I should have picked better start/stop dates.
But, I am very close to fishing with the new lens. A trip to the post office found 2 contributions to the relief fund! A big thank you for that and you will be returned the favor!
Then today we went to town for some provisions and what do we find? The GOB’s new tax increase went into effect. Beer is now 50bz per crate! Everything Is lining up against us right now. This new increase will effect just about everything we buy/need. It’s a blanket GST increase. So all this means more work and even less play for us. It’s getting tough just to sit at home and drink beer, let alone hitting the bars!

OK, enough whining.

A while back I was contacted by an individual from Canada asking me about my hummingbird photos. These folks run a bird and nature photography workshop and set up shops all over the world.
They were coming to Belize to scout for a new location to photograph birds. They asked if they could stop by and check out the hummers at ‘Chez Barnacle.
To that I said “HELL YEAH”!
So they came by and spent an evening shooting bats with me and then came back the next day and shot some hummers and woodpeckers. Didn’t get a chance to talk to them about whether or not they would hold a workshop here but it was cool to meet them and just bullshit about photography in general.
Oh, and they gave me a feeder too boot.
I managed to gleem some good tips from David and plan to try them out very soon.

Maybe I can improve on this?

I didn't fall off the wagon—I leapt off it while chugging a bottle of cold Belikin.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back. Great shot of the Hummer. How can you improve on that? To bring you up to date, we ran out of water on Thrusday. No water truck running. Got water on Tuesday. Smellin like rose's once again up here.
whats an "untouse"

Carole said...

Not likely.

How's the Kendall bridge situation?

MidaH's Touch said...

I think they can learn from you, I looked at their site.