Saturday, April 3, 2010


Happy hour starts in 10..9..8..7………

Well, here I am, just about 30 days after I decided to hit a self-induced intervention.
The goal was to squirrel away 656.00us bucks for the purchase of a 10.5 mm lens. That money was to come mostly from the savings that I did not give to the Belikin distributer each week.
How’d I do?
The ‘fund’ now has a touch over 400 in it with more to come. A couple nice folks have sent relief money via mail but it’s not arrived yet.
Oh, and by the way, to those folks you will be compensated with a 5x7 matted photo of a hummingbird of your choice. (selection kinda limited just yet), or/plus a portrait session at the location of your choice.

And just how did the intervention go?
Lets be honest. I’m only human right? And I have been drinking beer since I was 14. So stopping was a different deal. I tend to get into habits fairly easy and I like to stay there. That is what I missed most was the routine we had going. Each night on the DoubleWide, drinkin beer and solving all the worlds problems. I like it.
I must admit, there was a night there when Mrs. Barn was off with her gal pals that I slipped, skidded off the wagon a bit, and dipped my toe into the cool beer flowing down the gutter. It could not be helped or stopped. No harm, no foul I say.
But got dammit I got ‘er done. My liver got a much needed vacation, (got a thank you card from it yesterday) and life is back to as normal as it gets.
Say it loud, say it plowed. IT’S BENDER TIME!

The glass isn’t half empty or half full. It just needs to be topped off.


DriveGoddess said...

Oh are a riot!! Bless your beer-fueled heart!

Anonymous said...

My liver feel's better just knowing you did it and there is hope.
As for the Glass Half Empty or Half Full?
The Mrs's and I both agree.
Don't forget, Happy Hour on the beach every night at 4. You know were we live.
what the puck is a 'NONSU"

RPM said...

I heard there were worried about layoffs at Belikin. Now they will be getting overtime!

Graffice said...

One hell of a job-enjoy the Bender. Hope to see some action photos up by next Sunday. Duane

harlo said...

Barn, I for one am truly glad that this experiment is over. Did you ever stop to think about the global ramification of your actions?
For the past month, the east coast of the U.S. has seen rain of Biblical proportions. Coincidence? I don't think so. I, personally think that the extra weight of the Belikin, normally consumed by you in a month, being so close to the equator, had thrown the earth out of kilter, and caused flooding all over the north eastern part of the country...which seems to have cleared up just 2 days ago...again, coincidence...maybe...
But, with that said, I am proud of you, just give us a 30 day warning period next time, I'll get more supplies in.