Friday, April 9, 2010

Still boring round these parts,,

Well let’s see. Life here in The Breach just goes on. The bars are doing fine without me.
Check out a few of the things happening round these parts.

GST went up 2.5%. That’s a tax that is applied to just damn near everything you buy.
Property tax went up in some cases. Some as much as 2000%! (still rumor thu)
Another rumor is the GOB is going to stop imports of all dairy products. That includes cheese. For those of you who may not know, the locally made cheese SUCKS! It tastes like shit and you can’t melt it with a cutting torch. So naturally no one buys it. The GOB must have a relative at Western Dairies and decide to help him out by eliminating all competition. Needless to say, everyone is pissed about this.

Village council elections are coming up. Another joke if you ask me.
Especially up here under Siene Bights jurisdiction. But that’s a whole nother bitch for another day.

Now for the good stuff.

I guess it’s both good and bad.
It’s official, I’m off that stinkin wagon. Landed right on my feet too. Slowly getting my blood-alcohol mixture leaned out to perfect operating specs.
Trouble is, we have been so busy with guests I have to do it slowly. I hate that.
But we need to rat-hole as much money as we can for the upcoming dead season so I shouldn’t bitch.

I sprinkled some new bird shots into this post. I had some time a few days ago and took the opportunity.

I also recognize the fact that there has been a severe shortage of body part photos recently.

Check out this line-up!

And since I don’t want my few female readers to get pissed and feel left out, I found a line-up of some REAL studs for ya!

Your welcome.

See, it's a man's thing. Unlike you leg-shavers, we men... we men like our things broken in. You know, old things. Old tennis shoes, old filthy jeans, a 30-year-old toothbrush with chunkets of a Snickers bar in it...


sandy a said...

For real about the property tax? I haven't seen that on any of my usual forum haunts....

Anonymous said...

Well everything else is going up. Why not tax's and BUTT beacon.
and what is a "cabituci"

Anonymous said...

Brother Bill,

First about the property tax. I just went to Dangriga last Wednesday to get my property tax records updated. Naturally, I have a large credit due to prior year fuck ups. However, there was no change in my annual tax payment. So, unless this takes effect next year, I don't see any change in 2010.

About the local elections. Please note that we have a prospective candidate running from Maya beach by the name of Gary Geier, a.k.a. Gary Goma who states that he will look out for the best interests of the residents of Maya Beach and North. Isn't that a refreshing thought to have a white boy amongst all those local Seine Bighters. Brings tears to my eyes.

We definitely need more female skin shots in your photos. Keep up the good work.

DriveGoddess said...

You make me smile....keep the "nature" shots coming....hahahaha