Friday, March 12, 2010

Uncle Beelzebub is lookin for me,,,

America’s most wanted was in Belize a few weeks ago taping a show. They have been finding a few perverts hiding down here lately.

Now here is another ‘wanted’ poster that I can relate with.
I can honestly say I could be slapped into 14 of these categories.
It feels good to be wanted!
What I don’t understand is the ‘Sports fans’? What the fucks wrong with watching female midget jello wrasslin? I’m a fan.
Guess I should make that 15.

Dear Barnacle,

In the last seven days I have had more time on my hands than,, ever! During this time I have scrubbed the walls, mopped and squeegeed the floors, cleaned all the pipes, unplugged all the drains, I even hung up some family portraits.
I am considering making use of my time and going outside the unit to volunteer at some other facilities that are under-powered. I just have so much time on my hands, I don’t know what else to do?

Will there be more work in my future at my current position? Or should I consider looking into unemployment?

Your Liver

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sandy a said...

Gosh, they left a whole bunch of folks off that sign, like tattoo artists, free-thinkers, and what about all those other drug users? LIke, pot smokers are going to hell, but what about crackheads and junkies? Are they saying those drugs are A-OK with God?
What about sex acts other than fornication? I guess that gets ol' Bill CLinton off the hook....
PS I do really love Bill...he was my fave prez so far!