Wednesday, March 10, 2010

How to ace an Intervention,,,UPDATED

As I head into day number 5 of my self-inflicted intervention, I see that you all have the utmost faith in me. NOT.

Looking at the poll #s, most of you don’t think I stand a chance. Looks like the rest of you will be in the tavern talking bout it.
It has not been fun. I mean sober is boring if you ask me. I enjoy drinking beer, I enjoy the nice, fluid feeling that comes with it.
Tonight will be tough. Mrs.Barn goes to her weekly poker/get hammered/gossip night with the neighborhood girls and I would normally pound down my share and enjoy my time alone,, er, with the bats. But tonight will be different.
Maybe I should have took up pot? I gave that up in the seventy’s while in the military. Onboard ship was the worst atmosphere to be high if you ask me. I quite buying dope when the price skyrocketed from 10$ to 15$ per oz! Now I just don’t enjoy the high. Or the coughing.
But my last trip to Denver showed that it is now legal. There are marijuana dispensaries everywhere. Including right around the corner from my mom, in a building I used to deliver pizzas out of in ’74.
Just look at some of the choices advertised in the local paper.

Daddy Fat Sacks (Dr. on site)
Green Door (free gram or Dr. Referral with coupon)
Happy Harvest
THC (the hemp clinic)
Herbs 4 you
Mile High Marijuana
Metro Cannabis
Mile High Green Cross
The Giving Tree (top shelf 50$ 1/8ths)
Ganja Gourmet
Mile High Wellness
Sweet Leaf
All Green
Happy Clinic
Doctors Orders
Way to Grow
The Grasshopper this week featuring Window Haze.
Mr. nice guys
Bud Med
Dr. Green Genes
Sunnyside,, top shelf meds, bottom shelf prices
Dr. Reefer
Mr. Stinky’s
Mary Jayz
Ball Park Holistic, next to Coors Field (mix-n-match all strains, 4 grams-50$)
Natures Gift

And that’s just on the back page!

Anyway,, 26 days to go!

UPDATE: I have received a few comments and emails suggesting you would send me some cash if it would help 'end this madness'.(love that one)
I don't know if you are serious, but if so, we can be reached at
Barnacle Bill's
General Delivery
Central America.

Yes, Please help end this madness!


Harley said...

Hey Barn, Man I was hoping you would not start this abstinence without further consideration. Now is the time to put a stop to this madness. I'm sure I could part with a few Franklin's to offset this lunacy. Do US money orders work as currency? I salute you in your resolve my friend. In the words of Blah, Blah, Blah, "The momentum of continuous action fuels motivation, while procrastination (or Procastration) kills it....."

Anonymous said...

hang in there will feel better in about a wee.... you can take aspirin for the pain..and of course a hot shower will feel great however a tub soaking might help more.


Anonymous said...

Yo Barn,

An Andrew Jackson is flying your way Thursday morning.

Hang in there. Just pretend it's Lent. Well actually it is.

adriane said...

Please. Send money this way. Stop this madness now! It's easy.
Barnacle Bill's
General Delivery
Placencia, Belize
Central America
From his loving and supportive wife!

adriane said...

Make the check out to either William Taylor or Adriane Taylor. For all those that contribute, I thank you in advance!

Anonymous said...

Adriane, Does he have to stop drinking? or just stop buying? The answer could help in the donations.

adriane said...

TC ... Bill doesn't have to do anything. He chose to quit drinking for 30 days. I think he's on a roll though now, and it might be tough to even buy him a beer at this point.

Anonymous said...

Ok thanks. I won't bring that Six Pack by for him then. I don't want to spoil his Dream.

Miss Kenni said...

For those offering to send money orders from the US -- make sure you get an international money order. My caretaker's mom sent him a regular one and it couldn't be cashed here. I had to carry it back to Florida to cash it for him.