Thursday, March 25, 2010

Lights, camera,,,,

Day 20.

I’m Ok, I’m OK. Really, I’m fine. 30 days in the hole is not so bad. Different, but not so bad. Our weekly shopping trip to Placencia is a breeze when I don’t have to deal with 5 crates of beer. Today the only reason I was even at Ace hardware was to drop off 2 rats for Carl’s snakes.
Not loosing any weight to speak of because I think I’m making up for not drinking by eating more? Don’t know.

Easter weekend is coming up. Belize celebrates it in a big way. I don’t see them celebrating in a religious way, but it is one long drunk! They start on Thursday, then it’s good Friday, then Easter Saturday, then Easter then Monday is some other day then Tuesday they are all hung-over, and the stores are empty.
Jesus Zombie day brings them in from all over to Placencia. For whatever reason it is a tradition to go to Placencia. We stay home and hide! It gets crazy down there. And I will make a bet with you right now my predictions will come true.
Water will go out, power will go out, the beer distributer will run out, the shops will run out of cigarettes, they may even run out of gas. It happens every holiday without fail. You would think some people would remember last holiday and plan accordingly but they don’t.

I am hearing good things about the ‘new’ Mango’s. we all knew the place can be very successful and popular and as soon as my wagon tips over and spills me out into the gutter, I’m going in there and see if my old barstool still fits. Bet it does.

Remember those new lights I stumbled on? Took them for a test drive the other night.
I will say they work very well and being able to see the light before you shoot is nice. But,, I am not going to be replacing my speedlights with them. I don’t like having 3 electric cords to trip over or having to be near an outlet. That hampers where you can set up.

Mrs. Barn went to BTL and upgraded our internet spped from 128 to 256. We are still waiting for it to kick in. But when it does, I will load the video of bats we took using those same lights. You should like it.

An alcoholic is someone you don’t like who drinks as much as you do.


Anonymous said...

The photos of Adrian are wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Several Comments.
Ya, better stock up on the beer, Rum and wine now. Fuel will be ok but make sure you have fuel for the Generator.
Love the pic's. Great pic of the Mrs. and Scurvey.
Ya gonna stay home as well. This is one crazy time coming up. If you feel the urge to venture norte, You got my number. I got free beer and wine. But let's not let this out. OK?

sandy a said...

Darling one of Adriane and Scurvy!

Kenni said...

You're not getting your exercise, hefting those 5 crates ...