Sunday, March 28, 2010

The light at the end of the tunnel is shining on a beer!

Day 23.

Well ya know,turns out we have had a very good season after all. It started out slow and Mrs. Barn was a bit concerned after losing our other gig and all. But things have turned around nicely. We don’t even miss the other gig. Well,, the only thing we ever missed was the income and that apparently won’t be an issue.
It’s hard to predict a season what with the economy and all, but folks seem to be still wanting to vacation. I still say it looks like the swankier joints are being hurt more as folks seem to be scaling it back a bit more, ratcheting back some of that spending. Good for us, not so good for the fancy-pants places.

So how’s my lens quest going you ask?

Well very fine indeed, thanks for asking. Here I am starting day #23 and I can see the beer at the end of the bartop! I can see it without even squinting! Cold, frosty, winking at me with that come hither look. “Barn, come back, we miss you.”
We can give Mrs. Barn a lot of credit as well she has been right here with me all along. She did want to throw in the towel and kill me on day #3, but we plowed thru that rough spot.
In just a matter of days, I am going to string up the yellow caution tape all around the property and make preps for the ‘welcome back’ bender!
And how appropriate to have it all happen around Zombie Jesus festivities.
As a certain other group will be attending the “Seeder by the Sea” you’ll find my ass over at “The Bender on the Beach.”
And unlike those who embrace seeing people come back from the dead,(zombies)if Zombie Jesus wanders up to 'The Bender' from "The Seeder', arms hanging out in front of him, staggering, mumbling "Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrr", there will be a fight. If he was 'born again', he can die again.
Don't fuck with a man on a mission Zombie Jesus!

The whole world is about three drinks behind.


Anonymous said...

So when is the official Beer breaking day gonna be?

Denise said...

Very funny!!! LOL!!! "Zombie Jesus",sounds really creepy!!!!

Sue W said...

Seems like you should be posting daily, what with your lack of hangovers, HA!

Anonymous said...

Yo Barn,

Sounds like Armegeddon is a comin. You gonna rename the Blog to "As the Belikins Drop"?

How is the kitty going for the Fisheye? Hope you got the Andrew Jackson.

We are coming in to work on our place (1 mile north of Monkey River) next Tuesday, around 1:30 on Maya. Stop by the terminal if you like, we'll be the ones pushing our bags down the runway to our boat at the lagoon side.

FYI: I do not like the Word Verification in this case: "Mangrub", not very palatable ifn you axke me.